Holy Moly Teleport is awesome!

  • I'm a regular over a the Ubiquiti community and recently started using AmpliFi more and more for consumer installations. I had the chance to test drive the Teleport and this thing is worth EVERY penny. I believe that Teleport is a game changer and will set AmpliFi and Ubiquiti apart from other consumer networking companies. I don't have fancy cameras and fancy editing but here's a video I put together about my out of the box experience:


    As always, great job Ubiquiti team!

  • Quick question.

    Are the devices connected to the Teleport at the remote end given local IP addresses?

    Local network - 192.168.143.x/24
    Remote network - 10.0.68.x/24

    If I connect a games console to the remote network, will it pick up a local network IP address or is it just a simplified VPN?


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