Microsoft Dedicated App?

  • I recently chatted with a live chat rep "Sarah A" on 17 Feb 2021 for a dedicated Windows OS app though you can access a simple version interface "safely/securely" via Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 version for Windows 10. You need to type in your dedicated mesh box IP link to access the link where you need to input your password. It doesn't have the same interface breakdown like the smart device app's for Android/iOS. You have the option to tinker with the settings though. Google Chrome and MS Edge/Bing were not secured site's per date of this post.

    Here is the post by Dometalican: WINDOWS/LINUX/CHROME OS APP
    D Dometalican 21 Sept 2020, 11:34
    Since there's already a Mac topic, I didn't want to override that one with its responses.

    To put it simply, how hard would it be to port over the app to Microsoft Store, Mac App Store, and what's essentially the Play Store for Chromebooks? I'm sure these versions would (and should) come with added features the mobile apps may not be capable of doing but it would be better to run this thing on computers instead of only phones.

    Public Wifi hotspots are the worst so it would be beneficial to have this app available for those platforms.

  • I want to upvote the request. There are many posts on here about having a macOS and Windows client. Ubiquiti please provide one it is clearly in demand.

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