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  • I am going to purchase AmpliFi HD to replace my existing hardware as I have moved into a 3 floor townhouse. My AT&T gateway is on the 1st floor, I have 1 wireless HD TV on each floor and I have work-from-home offices on both the 1st and 3rd floor. Can I put the main AmpliFi HD router on the 1st floor and a MeshPoints on floor 2 and 3. Or, does the main router need to be on floor 2 with the MeshPoints on 1 and 3? Or, do I need a 3rd Meshpoint? Anyone have an opinion or insight into the best network HW config/setup?

  • @Lawrence-Cleaver This will depend on whether you have ethernet cabling between the floors. For example, how would you connect the Amplifi HD router on the 2nd floor and connect it to the ATT gateway? You also don't mention the square footage of each floor. And for my two cents, don't buy a kit, buy discrete parts. Slightly more expensive, but if you read the forums, the kit mesh points are 'locked' to the router. Should the router fail at some point, the mesh points can't be used.

  • @Matthew-Leeds Thanks for the feedback. Each floor is about 800 Sq ft. I do have ethernet to each floor. I assume the best performance would be to have the router on the 2nd with mesh points on 1st & 3rd.

  • @Lawrence-Cleaver Perfect. With ethernet to all floors, you can use ethernet backhaul and the placement of the router will not matter. With that size floor, you might use Amplifi Instant routers, and start with one on the 1st floor and one on the 3rd floor. That might be enough. You could add one to the 2nd floor if needed. All this will depend on the construction of your home, the location of the ethernet outlets, and your total device counts and bandwidth needs.

  • @Matthew-Leeds Let's see, I've got 3 TV boxes, 3 laptops, 3 thermostats, garage door, door bell cam ... 11 total. I think I should go with HD for the higher throughput. I'll put the router on floor 2 and I'll purchase 2 meshpoints to put on floor 1 and floor 3. Does that sound like a good plan?

  • @Lawrence-Cleaver Whatever you do purchase each piece individually, DO NOT purchase a kit since the mesh points can only be used with the HD that it comes with.

  • @Lawrence-Cleaver Well there are pros and cons here. I don't think the mesh points for the HD system offer wired backhaul, the Instant routers do. Using three Instant routers with the two on the 1st and 3rd floor in RAMP mode gives you a full mesh, wired backhaul, and the ability to move one of the units into router role should the unit on the 2nd floor fail.

    I've got an HD kit in a two story 2,600 sq ft home; works just fine so the wireless backhaul is certainly robust. I don't have high bandwidth requirements, and my bandwidth from my ISP is pretty low. My TV system is on the wired network, so just mobile devices on the wireless side. Had I known about the lockin of the mesh points to the router in the kit I would of purchased them stand alone but that was not so clear when I made the purchase.

    The Instant system I describe above is also a bit cheaper than an HD and two mesh points if that matters. Do not buy the kit.

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