Amplifi Alien + Mesh think twice terrible experience

  • Hi ,

    I buy combo Amplifi Alien + Mesh read superb review modern design and fast what more You want from Router. But maybe not this router.

    I'm on beta 3.5 r5 now can simple way roll back some freaking experiment no option just download firmware upload wait and that it.

    Why is terrible wrong buy??

    Is the expensive super router yes if You not see it all time processor or memory 100% full and decide to reset and 10 minutes after again and again

    I got a 1-gigabit (1000 mb/s) connection from my provider on the router got handy tool check speed connection all time got 60-90 call to my network provider to fix that they check already and can't find any problem from his side im spend many hours disconnect any router and peace of equipment, hey is imposible problem from superb expensive beauty Amplifi

    I write to dev team they can be extended something to dev team I need to wait for who knows how to work in 10 minutes internet break for coffee reset and back to business. No is impossible even a simple router for 50 bucks work not great but stable no super-speed no good range smart home and planty device probably not but stable can use that 24/h What happened when I take another router to connect to that same bridge, that sam lan cable in long story short no any changes just router.

    Wow impossible I got again close to 1 gigabit.

    Then do what You like just be aware to now end like me I connect plenty of devices spend allot of time to configure everything and ending witch constantly resetting device and slow connection and need to do all again but not on superb Amlifi on simply different device who really plug and play.


  • @Robert-Kopczaśki uncheck the "receive Beta firmware updates" and you should go back to the old 3.4.3 firmware..

  • @dexx64 But i write to support and thay know issue 100% usage memory and cpu and write go to beta. Speed connection terrible on normal and beta olso.
    Uncheck no beta give nothing when You check update messege no new updates

  • @Robert-Kopczaśki then i think your alien mesh set is bad and needs to be replaced, i use a alien standalone and don't have any problems with the hardware 🙂

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