Add more channel options PLEASE

  • I have MANY open channels for 5Ghz that I could easily use and NEVER worry about interference, except that the ones I can select have neighbors on both sides of the channel. It would really be helpful if I could select from the entire range of channels, instead of just 36, 40, 44 and 48...

  • The device uses 149-163 for the Wifi 6 5GHz and believe me you do not want to change these settings (DFS channels are not a good idea to use IMO)

  • @Peter-Taranto Yeah, but the point is that they should be available. There are issues using DFS depending where you live, but they can also be a lifesaver in a dense environment. We have been waiting for DFS capability on these since they went on sale. To be clear - you cannot select any DFS channels right now, even if you wanted to.

    A choice would be nice. I think it's hard to do with mesh as all nodes would have to monitor, react and stay in sync yet not overlap if a radar event occurs)

  • I think it's hard to do with mesh as all nodes would have to monitor, react and stay in sync yet not overlap if a radar event occurs

    Hi @Daniel-Osers - while not applicable to Alien, the implementation of Listening Radios and Zero-Wait / Off-Channel CAC should make any DFS mesh issues go away

    They can aid with BSS Coloring in 802.11ax to reduce channel contention as well

    Always good stuff out there on the horizon...(UniFi has it coming in the U6-Pro AP)

    PS - I secretly had hoped for AmpliFi to do a 6E Alien with a Listening Radio in a similar way as the U6-Pro by dropping 2.4 GHz to only 2x2 and going with 4x4 for both the 5Ghz and 6Ghz bands (4x4 allowing for more transmit power than 8x8)

  • @Derek-Saville thanks for the info/background. Very interesting! Plus, I did not know that the inclusion of 8x8 - which seems like a good thing for a busy environment - actually lowers overall transmit power vs 4x4). Is that a universal thing?

  • @Daniel-Osers Fair enough, it should be an option to use, but something that can be turned on or off at the user's discretion.

  • HI @Daniel-Osers - I wouldn't necessarily call it "universal" but more related to debate between having two 4x4 radios vs. a single 8x8 radio, real world clients and the capabilities of MU-MIMO & OFDMA, etc. in what is still a predominantly 802.11ac world

    I didn't meant to say that 8x8 would necessarily be worse forever, just especially at the time Alien was released, 8x8 seemed to be more of a Marketing decision for advertising purposes than a real world benefit, made worse by the lack of 160MHz channel widths when clients would likely be limited to 2x2

    Things like TWT can improve the situation, but you need a homogenous environment to take advantage and that will only really come with the widespread adoption of '6E' 6GHz and the eventual clean slating of the lower bands which probably won't happen in my lifetime (one analog being the replacement of analog radio)

    I believe it is telling that the 802.11ax UniFi AP that are coming, and also include 160MHz channel widths, all use 4x4 radios
    In my opinion they have struggled to implement 160MHz on Alien because they would have to FCC certify it at 8x8 and that is a lot of energy to deal with if they want a meaningful amount of coverage

    The industrial design of the Alien is cute and all, but it comes with compromises...

    You have to take the biased arguments of suppliers with a heavy dose of skepticism, but there is commentary such as:

    You can find more info on CAC at sites like:

  • PS - I forgot to say the laws of physics & the FCC are relatively universal...

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