What is the RMA/Warranty Process Like?

  • Hey,

    What's the process with RMA/Warranty work? I've been issued a warranty service for my Amplifi Alien, but I've been left pretty much in the dark on how it'll work. Will this be an uphill battle in trying to "prove" to Amplifi that my device seems to be faulty? Do they contact you to discuss? And how long do you generally sit with out a router - 1-2 months?

    The Amplifi Alien router that has been an absolute dream up until three weeks ago when I upgraded from 3.4.0 to 3.4.3. Since then WiFi and LAN connections will drop all at once, and the only way to gain connection back is a doing a power cycle. That power cycle, will then freeze the unit at 99% and then require another power cycle.

    Customer Service recommended I turn off beam steering and auto channel to see if that would rectify the issue, though I don't have a lot of connections by me with in 50 feet so interference is pretty minimal. Customer service then recommended I jump to beta 3.5.0 but on the software install I immediately had another 99% freeze. After rebooting, it worked but with in one hour the device stopped all connections once again. In total over 2 weeks I've had 9 crashes - 7 on 3.4.3 and 2 on 3.5.0.

    What makes me nervous is that while 3.5.0 has been less than ideal and no way close to as solid as 3.4.0, It's "only crashed" twice over the span of a week. So now I'm wondering if Amplifi will try and give me a hard time since it's "functioning" (in the loosest sense).

    Thanks for any guidance!

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