AmpliFi Alien vs UniFi Dream Machine (why Alien so bad ?)

  • Hi everyone

    I decided to upgrade my UniFi Dream Machine to AmpliFi Alien (Wi-Fi 6, better range and so on).
    I have ISP with 300mbps and 3rd storey house.
    Now what i can see:

    1. UniFi Dream Machine give me much better speed over my house (for example i've got 250mbps on macbook pro on 3rd floor vs 120mbps with AmpliFi Alien).
    2. Wi-Fi Calling are not stable on AmpliFi Alien (some times it loose connection).
    3. I never saw a stable Wi-Fi 6 performance on my Wi-Fi 6 devices with AmpliFi Alien. I mean time to time i can get 250-300mbps, but usually it only 100mbps.

    I've tried the latest beta firmware (3.5.rc5) but it didn't change anything as i can see.

    Any ideas why the new hardware performance less (or the same) than older one ?

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