Fan speed

  • Hi,my Alien showing 58-59C and fan rpm shows 0
    Is this normal behaviour?

  • @mac313 I believe that is normal depending on your ambient conditions. When the ambient is low enough my fan runs at 0rpm with the Alien sitting around 140f. In the hotter days the Alien still sits around 140f but the fans spin to target that temp.

  • Recently I bought 4 units. Did not notice any issues with the previous firmware.... To Tell the truth the devices update right away as I set them out of the box and configured them. All 4 units are running either 10 degrees above or more higher than what the specs sheets says, the fan alway is at zero and no RPMs. This is causing them to shutdown randomly. I love the design but definitely it has a flaw regarding its heat dissipation instead the back side would be better on the top or in other cases that the fan works. If by any chance the company could make a setup or enable where allows the user to set the fan to kick in at certain level of the unit starting to get hot in order to cool the unit out that would be great.. That is my opinion.

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