Ad Blocker stopped me getting links to content

  • I just found out (after 4mths of searching google) that my Amplifi has been preventing me from opening ads from my emails. This is because of the "DNS-based ad blocker" enabled by default in this router. I was always getting this error in my web browsers DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. I have other ad blocking software in browser, so did not need this on, and i assume it was added in an update to the firmware a while ago. I was NOT aware this had come into effect. Sometimes we need to open a link from an email, and my example was "" but this option prevents it going through! I've now turned it off and it works.

  • @Blinc Hi.
    Can you please tell us more:

    1. What AmpliFi device you use?
    2. What firmware you had before the update?
    3. What firmware you have after the update?

    To prevent such situations by default Ad blocker is off and it can be only enabled in Web interface which is for advanced users. The Ad blocker is not available from the app.

  • @UI-AmpliFi

    1. Amplifi HD
    2. I'm not sure, but i think i have updated 2 or 3 firmwares since noticing the adlocker doing this.
    3. I'm on the latest firmware now.

    If you say it is off by default, then i suppose i must have enabled it, but do not remember doing so.
    I assumed it was a new feature a few firmwares back, and either came enabled or enabled upon an update.
    All good now, just thought i would mention this in case others could not get ad links to work from emails.

  • I love this new Ad blocker feature. It is awesome. You cannot set it from the mobile app though. It appears that some settings are only available from web interface, while some are only via the mobile interface

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