Wired Connection Speed + Connection Drop

  • I purchased an Amplifi HD a couple months ago and have overall been happy with the product, but have had some issues with my wired connection that I believe I have isolated to the Amplifi Router itself.

    My ISP is Spectrum (in Washington state if that matters) and I pay for 400/20 internet. My wired setup is :

    • Modem connected to Amplifi HD (on the same shelf in a media closet)
    • Two wired leads out of the Amplifi; one that goes to an xBox and another that goes to an office on the far end of the house
    • The run in the office is plugged into a four port gigabit switch (Netgear GS105); the switch goes to my work PC and the other to my gaming PC

    The switch has LEDs that indicate 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps per ethernet cable plugged in. Both the game and work PC stay consistently at 1000 Mpbs connection, but almost daily the "internet in" port that goes back to the Amplifi will drop from 1000 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

    When the switch "internet in" shows its 1000 Mbps LEDs, my speeds consistently test out at 400 Mbps +/- 50 Mbps, which is great! However, when it drops to 100 Mbps, my speeds fall to 20-100 Mbps. When this happens, if I unplug the cord on the Amplifi side, wait 30 seconds, and plug back in, it seems to bounce back up to lighting up the 1000 Mbps LED.

    Today, I woke up for work and saw the switch was registering 100 Mbps and so I did my replugging on the Amplifi to get full speeds. Everything looked and tested normally; I jumped on a conference call and at some point during the call my connection seemed to completely drop, and when it came back the switch was back at the 100 Mbps level. This was the first time I "saw" the data drop occur in real time, and I would love to understand what sort of additional troubleshooting I can do to dig into this. I have swapped out cables, rebooted equipment, and poured out half a Mickey's 40 on my front porch in hopes that something would fix the issue, but it persists. Appreciate any additional help anyone can provide, and happy to provide any additional details.

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