Dual Ethernet Connectivity Issue

  • Hey guys/gals I have an Amplify HD Gamers Edition that stays updated as they are pushed out. My current priority is set to Latency recieving a gigabit connection from my Arris SB8200 modem.

    I'm not a networking guru but I think I can manage to explain.

    My PC and my wifes PC are hardwired (ethernet) into the back of the router. Internet is delivered to both devices successfully. The issue is if I start any kind of download at all that exceeds 40 or 60 mb/s, then her PC will start buffering. For example, if she is on a webex or zoom meeting, then participants voices will start cutting out and she will get a buffering icon. The issue is resolved immediately as soon as I stop the download.

    As a result I can not game, download, or stream video without rendering her connection worthless. Shouldn't this be managed in a way that is not robbing from one to deliver to another? Again, this is involving the 2 wired connections. All other devices are wireless.

    Additional Information:

    Hardware NAT: enabled
    UPnP: enabled
    Bridge Mode : Disabled
    Network Type: DHCP

    Possible Solution (thinking outloud):

    The back of my SB8200 has a 2nd port for another gigabit connection. I'm theorizing here based on limited education but that should separate the issue if I plug her PC into the back of the modem and mine into the router. The only issue is that I can't test this theory without paying my ISP to give me another IP to enable that modem port.