Source for Alien Overview?

  • I'm new Alien purchaser and I am having multiple problems with connection and weak connections. I have two Alien routers, one as a mesh point. We have a 1600sf home and the two routers are 70 feet apart. I can get wireless at 680Mbps if I am next to the router, but move away and I get about 80 Mbps. This is 30 feet from each router, and a straight shot to each router.

    There is a lot to the Alien, and being a new user who does not have deep knowledge on the subject, I am wondering if there is a source for setups used to increase signal? Is there a source that explains each setting? I don't want to try every different combo and want to get to settings to get better signals and doesn't kick devices off the network.

  • @M-Peterson I run a single Alien in my 1900sqft house and get great speeds everywhere. Maybe just try one Alien and see how that performs?

  • @M-Peterson, my rented home is 2 stories but a bit smaller than yours. 20 ft from the router I'll get as much as 450 mbits/sec dl, but it's variable. A spectrum tech actually called ME unsolicited and said he wanted to come to the house because some faults were showing up on their side of the interface, but he found nothing wrong when he came.

    I have a second cluster of devices upstairs, and my speedtest results to that cluster are more variable, but typically 180-300 mbits/sec (I'm paying for 400 mbits/sec dl).

    Direct EN to the cable modem from my MacBook Pro or through the Alien I get consistent readings of 450 mbits/sec.

    I've not tweaked the default settings at all. I purchased the Alien because of intermittent disconnect of WiFi devices, but it seems my CABLE MODEM (Arris 6190 DOCSIS 3.0 was more likely the culprit.

    In a few months I'm moving to a slightly larger (just above 2100 sq ft) single level home and purchased the first Alien in the belief I'll want to add a second in the new home. I'm of course uncertain whether that will be necessary, and I have no idea whatsoever why, when I do a series of 3 speed tests in quick succession I'll get widely varying results; e.g., the last 3 were 145, 254, and 442 mbits/sec with nothing else going on besides whatever background chatter occurs from my 20 iOT devices.

    I'm waiting for Alien FW 3.5 release to see if that makes things more stable.

  • @jsrnephdoc Man, setting up a router should NOT take 20-30 hours of anyones time. Tech support really sucks , you can only do chat and I went into a factory reset when I don't think I needed to. I have done probably 8 factory resets. I just hope it doesn't keep dropping my 2.4 devices.

    I was hoping the recommendation was going to be good, but other I have 2 bad routers or this thing is just crap. Not happy.

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