Allow devices on the Main Network (both Wired and Wireless) to be "seen" on the guest network

  • I recently switched over from a Google Wifi setup, and while I enjoy most of the changes, there is one feature I'm sorely missing.

    There are multiple devices that I would like my family members to have access to when they come over (Chromecast, Printer, etc) without giving them full access to my network. Google Wifi has a feature where you can select both Wired and Wireless devices to be seen on the "Guest" network while still being on the "Main Network".

    I don't see a way to do this on the Alien, so that's my request to add it!

  • I used to have Google Wifi and the printer sharing feature was fantastic for guests. Would love to see it in a future update.

  • Never thought of this.. but add my vote for this!

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