WiFi calling - Comcast to ATT

  • Anyone using Comcast for Internet/WiFi and ATT Mobility for cell service? I want to know if you're able to use WiFi calling.

  • @Matthew-Leeds , that was my setup in California (Comcast for ISP, ATT Mobility for cell service) in SEVERAL different locations (my insurance company moved me around several times in the two years after my home evaporated in the Tubbs Fire in October 2017).

    To the best of my recollection, WiFi calling worked just fine in each of those temporary locations.

    We're now in Montana, with Spectrum for ISP, T-Mobile for cell provider.

    So far as I know, WiFi calling should be service-provider agnostic. Of course, Comcast does have their network of "mobile hotspots" that by default are enabled on Comcast residential cable modem/router combinations, and they come in encrypted and open configurations. Comcast isn't available here in Montana, but it looks as though the practice is spreading to other ISPs as well. I own my own cable modem and router intentionally so as not to provide the ISP with free bandwidth.

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