Any plan to support WoL(Wake on Lan) and/or 160MHz bandwidth for 5GHz?

    1. There seems no explicit(at least) way to enable WoL functionality with Amplifi Alien.
      Currently my Synology NAS is connected to the router, and I want to on and off the NAS when necessary.
      Do the Amplifi have plan to support WoL functionality or any other "hidden" way to enable WoL?

    2. Many recent 5GHz support wireless routers support 80 and 160MHz Bandwidth with 5GHz band.
      Of course, there may be no performance improvement with this 160MHz banwidth since the collision of neighboring routers due to the wide bandwidth nature.
      But in some cases(houses are distributed not so dense) this feature will be very useful.
      So it seems good to have the feature and let users select the bandwidth, isn't it?

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