App/Router only showing 4 Ethernet Devices at any time

  • Just set up this great little device .. really impressed.

    Though -- quickly identified an issue. I have a fixed network in my house with 5 switches and 11-12 fixed devices. The strange part is that the app / router is only showing 4 ethernet devices connected to the network at any time. i.e. if you have device A, B, C, D and you disconnect e.g. D, one of the other 7 pops up so now you have e.g. A, B, C, G..

    All ethernet devices on the network is getting their own specific DHCP address and communication internally and externally is working without issues.
    Anyone else run into this issue and have a solution? It's pretty annoying that I can't see the full DHCP table with fixed and wireless devices connected to my network. BTW, all wireless devices are shown as they should and you can even see in the BETA controller mode to which HW device (router, antenna) they are connected to.


    ps.. Had a UBNT gateway before and it showcased the full DHCP table without issues.. = I see this as an APP issue

  • I have the same issue and been in contact with Amplifi support, down for 3rd tier and they have not been addressed with a similar issue, as mine. They have recommended me to reach out to the community.

    I have implemented a Amplifi HD with two mesh points and connected;

    Hue bridge
    2 five port switches connecting
    iRobot Roomba
    8-12 wireless devices, smartphones, tablets
    What i have faced is that it is only the Hue bridge out of the Ethernet devices, which is visible in the App. All other Ethernet devices get AP-addresses.

    The 3rd tier support have answered that the issue is caused by; " There are to many MAC addresses on the WAN stream and the AmpliFi cannot manage all of them."

    Is there anyone else who have got the same issue?

    Is there a workaround or a way to solve it?

    #Amplifi #Amplifi HD

  • @johan-sporre It is only the Hue Bridge out of all devices that cannot connect or be assigned an IP address? Was this Hue Bridge used on a different network before, or is it brand new? If it cannot be assigned an IP, maybe it has been configured to use a static IP from a previous network and needs to be reset or cleared before it can be configured with AmpliFi.

  • @ui-brett This is a brand new Amplifi HD. All devices get IP-addresses. Ethernet devices are not visible in the App. Check request 204960. 3rd level answered the last time.

  • @johan-sporre The problem here is that in WAN segment (ISP side of the router) shows too many devices are connected together in a single broadcast domain. In other words, it looks like many ISP customers are connected to the same router and not isolated at all. While it was considered normal 15-20 years ago, modern network design rules say "no". You should not broadcast packets over each other, there are many modern means to isolate them. Contact your ISP and see if they can resolve this.

  • @ui-jt As communicated earlier, the ISP, only see one device and that is the Amplifi HD. What else can be done?

  • Hi @johan-sporre - can you post screen shots of what you are seeing in the app for connected Ethernet devices?

    That might help us to better understand what the situation is and advise

  • @johan-sporre The ISP is probably not telling you that there are also 10 other routers inside the WAN segment. They are not isolated and this is going to cause packet collisions and poor performance. I do not think you will be able to see WAN devices with the app.

  • @ui-jt Screenshots as requested.0_1580247822147_Screenshot_20200104-162125.png

  • Hi @johan-sporre - just to confirm the Hue is plugged into Ethernet Port # 4

    What is plugged directly into Ethernet Ports # 1 to 3?
    Just the 5-Port Switches?

    If you move a device like the NAS and plug it directly into the router, does it show up on the Family Device list?

    Does your Family / Device list show Ethernet Port list that can be expanded (little triangle arrow to the left)?
    The iOS app might be a little different (note my router is in Bridge mode, so it is showing the WAN side devices on Port # 0)...

  • @derek-saville Hue is plugged in in this port. We also made a test with four devices connected directly to the ethernet ports. 2/4 device got visible.