App/Router only showing 4 Ethernet Devices at any time

  • Just set up this great little device .. really impressed.

    Though -- quickly identified an issue. I have a fixed network in my house with 5 switches and 11-12 fixed devices. The strange part is that the app / router is only showing 4 ethernet devices connected to the network at any time. i.e. if you have device A, B, C, D and you disconnect e.g. D, one of the other 7 pops up so now you have e.g. A, B, C, G..

    All ethernet devices on the network is getting their own specific DHCP address and communication internally and externally is working without issues.
    Anyone else run into this issue and have a solution? It's pretty annoying that I can't see the full DHCP table with fixed and wireless devices connected to my network. BTW, all wireless devices are shown as they should and you can even see in the BETA controller mode to which HW device (router, antenna) they are connected to.


    ps.. Had a UBNT gateway before and it showcased the full DHCP table without issues.. = I see this as an APP issue

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