Can I control quiet time remotely?

  • Can I control quiet time remotely via Teleport for instance?

  • @TS4 Yes, and you don't need Teleport for that either. Simply enable "Remote Management" in the app.

  • @nigelboid thanks appreciated.
    It’s saying it’s unable to locate device. I am not local to the device so can’t get on that network.
    The menu shows my name and remote management which implies it’s enabled.

  • @TS4 I haven't done this in a while, but I seem to recall that one ha to be local to enable "Remote Management." However, if you do have Teleport configured, then that's another way to get local control of your router. Fire up the Teleport app, then fire up the Amplifi app. Does that work?

  • @nigelboid unfortunately teleport does not. I can connect via teleport but the app still is still trying to find my home local network and is 'unable to locate device'.

  • Yes, that's strange. Either one of those two should have worked. I have done it both ways with my router.

    Especially, if the Teleport connects, then you should be on the local network. Which IP does your device show? Is it local to your home network? Which global IP do you see if you try, for example? Is it the external address of your home router?

    Without knowing more about your configuration, I am at a loss...

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