Wired Backhaul Change Bug

  • Hello. I ran into an interesting bug with the Alien Mesh kit on both my setup and my brother's. When trying to use a wired backhaul on the mesh unit, the connection wasn't stable enough for unrelated reasons to the Alien, but the system doesn't let you revert back to wireless backhaul?

    I even had him directly wire it to the base unit/router and reboot (what I had to do) to make this happen with no luck. He ended up having to factory reset the entire thing to correct.

    Is there a way for the mesh units to revert back to wireless backhaul if wired isn't present? Seems like it would be an easy fix for this?

  • @Jeff-Kramer I'm having the exact same issue, and simply unplugging the ethernet cable seems to force it back to Wireless backhaul and everything reverts back to normal operation. As soon as I plug in the ethernet cable again the entire system starts to crawl and I get constant wireless disconnects. The Mesh Point seems to go into a weird boot loop and my phone running the app gets forced to 2.4ghz and never holds a connection for more than a few seconds (which is pretty frustrating, since the only way to control everything is from the app). The internet speed test from the main router slows to a crawl, about 10% of normal throughput. I filed a support ticket last night after spending way too much time trying to troubleshoot the issue.

    The system is actually working great for me on wireless backhaul, which is surprising, but I was planning on running it over ethernet like my previous AmplifiHD setup.

  • Tossing my hat in on this one too. Brand new and on for 10 minutes. Previous system UDM + Wired APs worked flawlessly using same cables. Obviously PoE switch is no longer send PoE -> Alien Mesh AP ethernet. This IS on latest 3.6 firmware.

  • Update: I returned the Router + Mesh point and purchased to routers. Using the 2nd as a mesh ap. This time the connection between devices is direct via Ethernet, not through a swtich. So far, so good.

  • @steadireadi could you please indulge us with the "why switch from UDM + APs to Aliens instead of upgrading APs?"

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