Power requirements

  • I’m in the U.K., and ordered from Amazon. Annoyingly they’ve shipped a European power plug with the Amplifi.

    It looks like it’s just USB-C, but I’ve tried the power plug from my Google WiFi, in addition to a cable running from an iPad charger to USB-C, and the router complains about the power adaptor.

    Is there something I can buy in the U.K. to power the device? At the moment I have a U.K./EU adaptor plugged in, but it’s clunky.


  • I'd complain to Amazon they shouldn't be selling the EU model in the UK.

    I bought mine from Scan (Official UK distributor) and it came with a UK plug.

    This question has been asked before, I believe it's a proprietary adapter and you can't buy one that works.

  • This post is deleted!

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