ALIEN RJ45 Connection to Cablecon 4.9 F Connection

  • Hi Community

    I've just received my ALIEN this afternoon & upon opening the box, would seem I have an issue with connecting this to my existing Virgin Media Cablecon 4.9 F connector my Router, as the ALIEN only takes RJ45 connections ! Is there any way around this predicament, otherwise it renders my ALIEN useless.

    Huge thanks in advance for any responses

  • @bigjono I’m taking some educated guesses but I hope this helps:
    Virgin Media provides Broadband (Internet), TV, and Voice (Phone) services. They are probably delivered to your by a single cable. You may only be subscribed to one or two of the services but they’re all available via that cable. Once it arrives at your dwelling, that cable may or may not be split but the internet is not “readily available” straight from it... it must first be processed by what’s called a Modem. That modem should have both an input RG6 4.9 M “Cabelcon” connector for getting the pre-processed signal and an Ethernet RJ45 female slot that provides the “post-processed” internet connection... the modem may have other connectors. My guess is that you are either looking at an 4.9 F that should be connected to your Modem or a split off connection that is probably intended for TV. Maybe your previous router was a modem/router combo (incredibly common) and it still needs to serve as you modem?
    Hope that helps! Otherwise we (I’m part of community not Ubiquity/AMPLIFI employee) may need more information from your setup.

  • Hi Oscartoro. Apologies for the delay to respond, been deep in redecorating.
    The answers to your question are as follows :
    I am subscribed to all three of Virgins services (TV, Broadband & phone) & would seem the Modem only services the internet, as my TV comes from a separate wire elsewhere in the house. As for the phone, that's also wired from another connection (typical phone wiring straight from outside too)

    I've wired the ALIEN up directly into my existing Virgin Media Modem & does not make any difference in coverage around the house (RJ45 cable joining the both together) & purchased the ALIEN to replace my existing HUB 3.0 Virgin Media Box.

    My only concerns are, how can the ALIEN improve what's coming from the Hub 3.0, if it's wired into it?

    I've tirelessly looked online to purchase a converter that adapts the RG6 4.9 cablecon to an RJ45. Or is this physically not possible or allowed or let alone what the ALIEN can adapt to.

    Again, a massive apology for the delay, but now free 🙂

  • I've tirelessly looked online to purchase a converter that adapts the RG6 4.9 cablecon to an RJ45. Or is this physically not possible or allowed or let alone what the ALIEN can adapt to.

    Hi @bigjono - placing your Hub3 into "Modem Mode" is typically how it is done...

  • Hi Derek-Saville

    Many thanks for the speedy response. I have done this & that has obviously knocked out the ALIEN, as this was connected to the 3.0 hub via an RJ45 cable. I've consequently had to rest to Router back to factory settings (Router Mode)

    The ALIEN I assume must be connected to the 3.0 hub anyway, yes?

    Many thanks again for taking the time to respond

  • Hi @bigjono - sorry, I am not familiar with Virgin Media

    With other similar ISP's, putting the gateway (your Hub3) into modem mode should allow the Alien to become the primary router

    Even if your Hub3 is back in router mode, you should still be able to install the Alien to test it and make sure it is working

    Just plug an Ethernet cable between the Hub3 and the Alien's WAN port

    If the Alien is working you can also put switch it into Bridge Mode to further testing, but you lose some features

    Once you have the Alien confirmed working, I would make sure the Alien is DHCP router mode and then try switching the Hub3 back into Modem Mode one more time and contact Virgin Media support if it doesn't work

    In any case, the Alien cannot be connected to a coax cable system without some form of a modem

  • Hi Derek

    I've now completed all the above & would seem although I have full internet via the ALIEN, this does not offer any more coverage than my existing Hub 3.0 (Virgin media), regardless of how far I am away from both units (side-by-side)

    The ALIEN is in DHCP mode all the time & am now wondering if the £400+ cost is beneficial at all. As was hoping this all-singing dancing Router could extend the existing signal I get from Virgin further away (into my bedroom), but would see this has not done the trick.

    Although I'm not that technically minded, I can understand & apply instructions & would seem I've tried all advice previously offered. Of which I am extremely grateful for all that have offered advice accordingly.
    Or am I get some fundamentals wrong here ??

    Maybe what I'm seeking may not be possible, but would have thought strengthening the signal I get from Virgin & pushing into my Bedroom was possible, especially after spending this sort of money.

    Many thanks all

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