HD as a Wifi to Ethernet ?

  • Hi, I have a device (magic jack) which is Ethernet only and I want to use it in a place where I don’t have a Ethernet port close by. I have 2 Alien, 1 as a router the other as a mesh point. I also have a previously used HD (not in use at the moment).

    Question is, can I add the HD to the Alien Wifi network to provide Wifi to Ethernet for the MagicJack device?

    I know Some power line will work, but since I have the HD, why not try to use it.


  • HI @René-Guitar - you cannot mesh an HD with an Alien; they are not compatible

    But you can install the HD in 3rd Party Router mode... https://help.amplifi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016183893#3

    I typically do this with the Additional 5GHz WiFi-5 Radio (if you have a US model) using a unique SSID so it forms a pseudo-dedicated backhaul link

    But it should also work with an Additional SSID

    In 3rd Party mode the HD has to be managed independently from the Alien but it isn't too much of hassle

    Just remember to manually set the HD's 2.4 GHz radio to channel that doesn't interfere with the Alien's 2.4 GHz radio
    (unless you are using 2.4GHz for a longer range HD link or less 5GHz contention, and so manually change the 5GHz channel instead)

  • @Derek-Saville thanks, but the link you mentioned for the third party state « The Alien product line does not support third party mode.» . So I’m out of luck...

    I guess I’m better with some Powerline or another Alien 😉 (a bit overkill for a phone VoIP)

  • Hi @René-Guitar - the Alien does not support itself being installed in 3rd Party Router mode to another router

    There is nothing preventing you from installing a standalone HD router in wireless 3rd Party Router mode connecting it to an Alien's SSID
    The HD doesn't care what the make or model is of the 3rd party router it is instilled to...

  • Hi @René-Guitar - if you have a US spec Alien and are not using the Additional 5GHz radio go ahead and enable it with a unique SSID like 'HD2EthBr'

    With a new or factory reset standalone HD router power it up and follow the instructions to install it as a mesh point to a 3rd party router selecting the SSID HD2EthBr

  • @Derek-Saville ah, I get it. Yep,it,did,work! Thanks a bunch Derek!👍🏼

  • Glad it is working @René-Guitar

    It's a shame they didn't just make the Additional 5GHz Radio "Legacy Mesh" compatible

    And at least they could have provided an option to change the Additional 5GHz Radio's unique SSID password and/or hide the SSID to try and keep it more isolated if that would be beneficial

    But I have found if you give the SSID a weird name folks will assume it is from a neighbor and not bother trying to connect using the main password even if they are seeing a very strong signal that must be in close proximity...

  • @Derek-Saville I'm guessing they didn't do that so as to not maintain another complete build for the alien, given that the eu version doesn't have that extra radio

  • Hi @Raghu-Kannan - that may be true, but I would also guess the eventual EU Alien spec wasn't that well defined in late 2018 / early 2019 as they were pushing for a launch eventually in November in the US

    Maybe not enough standalone HD users (kits wouldn't work) would be interested in an Alien router upgrade while maintaining legacy HD RAMPs to make the resource spend worthwhile, even with the new modular software platform being implemented

    But hey, they haven't even released an equivalent 802.11ax beacon, so hard to say...

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