Lan Ports constant connect/disconnect

  • Hello I found another post exactly describing my problem - has anyone found a fix for it yet? I have the Gamers Edition. Moving the equipment around ports doesn't seem to help, the issue bounces around. It seems not to be able to handle all 4 ports working, 3 I can get, and sometimes it falls to 2 working. Very frustrating for how expensive this system is. This is all after the equipment was working fine for over a year with no issues.

    Re: LAN port constant connect / disconnect

  • I have AmpliFi HD. I had the same problem. Resetting it several times with a paperclip helped... But only for a month.
    I was left with only one working LAN Port. Three LAN Ports are dead.

  • Same problem her, at least 2 of the 4, behave strange. Slow or hardly no connection. My TV setupbox doesn't even recognizes a cable.
    Also my NAS cable, gets up to max 8mb/s or sometimes drops connection for 1 or 2 seconds.
    Did a hard reboot and connected all 4 cables one by one and it worked oke again for a week or so.

  • I may be heading down this road. Had serious issues a few days ago and did a hard reset. Been having intermittent issues mostly with wired connections since then. Frustrating.

  • I am getting very frustrated too. I'm coming up to owning AmpliFi HD for 12 months and it's been perfect. However, in the week my LAN ports drop out.

    I have an office with devices wired to an 8-port unmanaged switch that goes via cat6 to one of the ports. I have a small 5-port unmanned switch that sky & tv are connected to. There is then an unmanaged switch in the roof (although this is currently powered off) to 3rd port, and the 4th port is free.

    The network freezes in the office, internet access stops and Sonos (wired) stops playing music. ping test shows 100% packet loss. I run into the room where the AmpliFi HD router is , the Sony TV shows "network disconnected", unplug the x3 cables, plug them back in and the whole lot wakes up - TV show carries on etc.

    How do I diagnose this? I do have a support thread going but it can't go on like this every 4-5 hours everything stops. Throughout this time the wifi is working fine.

    I see people talk about rolling back the firmware, how do I do this?

    I see other posts complaining about similar problems - is there any conclusion?


  • Came looking for advice on this exact issue. Have logged it with support as well but just out of the blue none of my LAN ports work anymore. Nothing changed, no firmware update or config changes. If I reboot the router it will work for about a minute and then stops.

    Found a thread somewhere where someone said to plug a cable into the WAN port and then into each ethernet port and then run diagnostics in the app. If the WAN port shows a green tick then the ethernet port is physically ok. Did this and ports 2+3 show a red x. Ports 1+4 show a green tick. I don't get any network access from ports 1+4 though. I do get negotiation lights showing on the device end.

    I was wondering if a factory reset would fix the issue but judging from the above comments that seems unlikely. Also judging from the above comments there is not going to be any sort of resolution to this in the short term.

    I have 2 x Amplifi HD routers in my set up so I would need to replace them both and if the support when I need it is this poor (only going by threads on here not first hand) I won't be touching another Amplifi product again in my life.

  • any solution to LAN ports not working?

  • I had this issue, got a new one for free from the shop I bought it from. Spent way too many hours troubleshooting it.

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