Amplifi HD - slow ?

  • I watch tv live channels through Android TV and even through mobile-phone but alot of channels/videos has started to buffering and i wonder why and is there any settings that i could change to fix this?

    i hope somebody can help me with this terrible issue?

  • @jaja-eeh what cable modem do you have? How long do the "buffering" interruptions last? What are your numbers like? I have an Alien as my first AmpliFi product and I've never used an AmpliFi HD, but does it have a graphic display that shows you whether you drop your internet connection for a second or two repetitively?

    I ask all these questions because the solution for me for a similar issue ultimately was replacing my Arris 6190 cable modem with a Netgear 1200-NAS cable modem (a bit more than I need now, actually—I'm not doing link aggregation—but for a small extra cost I get at least some future proofing.

    The Arris cable modems (and several from other manufacturers as well) are cursed by an Intel Puma6 Chipset which is alleged to cause unpredictable long latency episodes.

  • Same problem her, at least 2 of the 4, behave strange. Slow or hardly no connection. My TV setupbox doesn't even recognizes a cable.
    Also my NAS cable, gets up to max 8mb/s or sometimes drops connection for 1 or 2 seconds.
    Did a hard reboot and connected all 4 cables one by one and it worked oke again for a week or so.

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