Mess Point Disconnects

  • Let me start off that I work on networks as my trade. So I am going to skip over the basic troubleshooting tactics as I have already tried all of those. I do own the HD system with four mesh points. Each mesh point has near perfect signal, and the majority of my devices in my home connect to 5GHz except for my RoboVac. I have gig ISP connection with an owned Doc's 3.1 router which I manage.

    My WAN connection is constantly monitored, and has no loss of packets with a normal of 10ms hops. From my router I connect directly to the HD router. I have one desktop which I use for work connected to the router, and all other devices are connected by WiFi. My desktop has no issues with speed or connection. However my wireless devices all at the same time will disconnect from the mesh points. When the connection drops, my wireless devices are still connected to the SSD, however the HD router becomes unreachable. After about 2-3 minutes the mesh points are able to reconnect to the router and service resumes. I am running firmware 3.4.4. From what I have experienced is there a firmware issue, as this issue has sprung up from time to time after firmware upgrades. I have tried removing band steering and dedicating devices to the respective frequency. Also there is no channel interference occurring.

    This issue is a direct issue with the routers firmware. If someone from Amplifi would like to contact me to run detailed diagnostics I am willing to do so. I can even provide packet tracing and sniffing to demonstrate the issue.

  • @Jay said in Mess Point Disconnects:

    I have gig ISP connection with an owned Doc's 3.1 router which I manage.

    I'm not technically savvy enough to suggest answers, but others might be better primed to do so if we clarify a few things:

    • I think you're saying you have a DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem. Is it an integrated modem/router, or modem only? If the former, is routing disabled on that combo? When you say you connect "directly from my router to the HD router," is that from the DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem/router combo to the AmpliFi HD router. If that's the case, is the router in the modem/router set to bridge mode, with the HD doing DHCP?

    When you say that all your wireless devices drop offline simultaneously but remain connected to the "SSD," I'm assuming you mean they remain connected to the SSID.

    How large is your home? Are you using wired backhaul with the MESH points?

  • @jsrnephdoc I understand you are trying to help, the question you ask are all forms of basic troubleshooting which I have done. Correct my router is DOCSIS 3.1, and it's is only a modem. Yes I mean to say SSID and not SSD.

    A wired backhaul only works with two routers where you are using a secondary one as a AP. I am using four Meshpoint HD's, and no they are not daisy chained signal. All connect directly to the HD router with -45db.

    This is a firmware issue not a configuration issue.

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