AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.5.0

  • I have been obsessively checking for updates but it keeps telling me that I’m up-to-date already. 😅 Can’t wait to try the new version out.

  • @habbasi go in browser at amplifi.lan. check to recieve beta updates then check for update to 3.5.0. after the update you can uncheck to recieve beta updates.

    Hope it helps.

  • @florin-troaca Thanks.

    Initial impressions: It's a lot better than 3.4.3. I can actually use the 5 GHz band in the room next to the one where my router is; before it would just switch to 2.4 GHz. I get around ~843 Mbps easily when completely still, and ~400 Mbps when walking around (this is with an iperf3 server to a hardwired machine, so the theoretical max is 1 Gbps). The most remote corner of my house gets no less than ~343 Mbps when I'm static. I'll test outside and post again; but so far this is impressive.

    Edit: This is with 1 main router and 1 RaMP over ethernet. Switching over between the two drops the speed for an instant but it picks up again.
    Edit 2: My 13 Lifx Bulbs are responding instantly versus a O(100 ms) delay. That's really positive.

  • Overall impression not better or worse than RC8 was. Still have the bug that my outer RaMP (use one RaMP as relay between router and outer ☺ ) after 2-3 days of running will conduct in a reconnect loop.
    Only thing to get it out the loop is to powercycle that unit. Bug was submitted on RC8 firmware and got confirmation they are still looking into that. It is usefull to know if some other people having the same issues, because they said it is hard to reproduce...
    Also found out.. sometimes the guest wifi doesn't shut down on RaMP(s) when main router is shut down. Not yet able to reproduce though. Maybe related with the other? If I can reproduce I will log it!

  • Updated to 3.5.0 , running 2 units, connected with ethernet backbone. NOT using WIFI common name. Routing Steering is off.

    Mysteriously most of apple devices in the house, 2 iphone 12 pros , 2019 imac and 2 ipads all would not connect to the router again, kept saying bad password.
    ALSO my work computer which is a lenovo, same thing.

    Rebooted routers seems to get everything to connect again, but connection drops randomly....

  • I want to note, overall the system is pretty good, however, problems with inconsistent link speed that were introduced with RC6, RC8 have persisted to this release. Where previously I was able to maintain a 1201/1201 speed about 12 feet from the AP. to mitigate that, I manually programmed the channels, rather than using Auto, which improved it, but the issue remains. Currently it on the receive side only, the problems exists, the transmit side is solid on 1201. There appears to be a bit of code that needs fixing here. Happy to submit files, as always. It seems to vary from 961 to 1201, mainly favoring the lower speeds.

  • @unseenone I wasn’t aware of this issue but just checked and mine are spot on the same as yours. iPhone 12 Pro less than 10 feet away.

    Also the iPhone 11 Pro in the house gets kicked down to WiFi5 most of the time.. does anyone know anything about that?

  • @Gofast I setup a separate network for example ALIEN for AX devices and ALIEN5G for Legacy 5Ghz devices, it seemed like there was better performance that way. That said, they have a small bug I would say. They are generally pretty good about reading feedback and working on issues, so let's give them a chance.

  • @unseenone Mine is also set up with all separate networks. I have very few complaints overall and I wasn’t complaining. I was adding that I’m showing the same connection speed anomaly as you, which doesn’t seem to be noticeable in real world usage.

  • @Gofast Absolutely I thought it was valuable feedback. I did not take it that way at all.

  • For me, best update in a long time (ever?!). So far very stable, and no bugs (unlike rc).
    3 Routers mesh over 3 levels, all-ethernet-backhaul, and from Google Hub Max to Facetime calls, stuff is more stable (Hub didn't work well at all with 3.4.3). Using just the 2 AX Radios.
    Wish we finally had a WPA3 (WPA3/WPA2) option 🙂

  • One interesting observation: When looking at the security used (use various Wifi testers) it shows - as expected - as WPA2, but also as SAE (which is new). Not sure how that's possible.

    Isn't SAE (Simultaneous Authentication of Equals) a WPA3 quality specifically (versus PSK in WPA2)? Odd...

  • Hi @Daniel-Osers - doesn't WPA3 Transition Mode publish both?

  • @Daniel-Osers I have also noticed this a few betas back. Can’t say forsure when it was added or if it was there all along.

  • @Derek-Saville said in AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.5.0:

    WPA3 Transition Mode

    Right, it does! But then that would (should) show as WPA2/WPA3 and 3 auth sure isn't live. I would expect SAE with pure WPA3 or transition mode, but not WPA2 only...

  • ...and unfortunately one more observation: While downstream speeds are generally good and continue to be consistent, my upstream has taken a dive. To be clear, that's upstream to the routers (though my internet itself is fiber, with 1Gbit down AND up in any case, all tested).

    It's fine between mesh units (as it should be - all-wired backhaul) but clients to routers (regardless of which sometimes show a 70-80% delta between up and download while the best I seem to get consistenly is ~1/3 the upload speed vs down.
    This is across multiple devices (2020 M1 MBP Wifi 6, 2019 MBP Wifi5, iPhone 12 Pro, etc.)

    Anyone else seeing this? Does that sounds like a bug back in the rc's ?
    Anecdotally - have to gather data for longer - it seems to deteriorate after initial update with better perf.

    I also see that even though I specific, a channel for 5/2.4, one or even 2 of the units will actually pick another channel? Using the 2 Wifi6 radios only.

  • I'm on Xfinity Gigabit and with the previous version (3.4.3) was consistently seeing 1GB download speed on ISP Test.
    With the update to 3.5.0 seems stuck at 600MBps. Tried multiple times and it's consistent.

    Any setting to check on?

    Rebooted Alien but saw no improvement.

  • @Venu-Kemthur Try to power cycle all the systems. Meaning unplug the modem and Alien router from the outlet and disconnect all wires from the devices for about 2 minutes and connect everything. I'm interested to know if this helps.

  • @Skillzx5 Apple TV is connected to Alien (wired) and Speedtest on that consistently shows 950+ Mbps

    Alien Built-In speed test for some reason is consistently around 600+Mbps (as in my previous screenshot) - This 600+ was only after upgrade - with the previous version (4.3.3) - was seeing 950+ even on Built-In test.

    So firmware is good - not sure why Built-In speed test is showing a lower number - this led me to believe that firmware upgrade had to do something with lower speed.


  • @Venu-Kemthur Nice! I have Xfinity too, but still on firmware 3.4.3 since 3.5.0 doesn't seem to be available on my device yet.
    What do you see if you run the speed test from the Alien router itself? On the LCD screen there should also be a speed test option. It would be interesting to determine if you get speeds higher than the 600Mpbs range when you run the test on the device rather than from the Amplifi app.

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