What am I doing wrong...

  • My phone is an Apple iPhone 12 Pro
    Alien router connected to a Rogers modem/router which is in bridge mode. Internet service is 1Gb/s down and 20Mb/s up.
    Firmware is 3.5 on Alien router.

    If I perform a speed test on my iPhone in the same room as the router, I get in the range of 450-500Mb/s. If I go up two floors but virtually standing the same place as the router in the basement, my speed is only 250Mb/s. What is odd is that these numbers are no different than what I use to get with my Apple router. I am connected to the 5GHz band.

    Does anyone have a suggestion why the performance is lacking?

  • @brconway I would guess that two flights up is a pretty tall order for WiFi, even WiFi 6. If you can connect your previous Apple Router to the Alien by ethernet in bridge mode, then stand close to the Apple router in that second floor location I think you'll be pleased. Of course you'll have an 802.11ac or 802.11n connection to your phone, depending on WHAT Apple router you're using.

  • Thanks for the reply. Regrettably, I'm not following you. The Apple router is an AirPort Extreme 5th gen (802.11n) which I suspect the Alien router is somewhat modelled after (tower). In essence, the wireless performance between the Apple and my iPhone regardless of which floor in my home is virtually identical. That said, I wonder if there is a setting I am missing to enable the performance I have seen online (YouTube etc.) showing near ethernet connection speeds through wifi on an iPhone 12 Pro.

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