Amplifi HD Slowdowns v3.4.4

  • Hello,

    I'm definitely part of the group of people who have to restart their AmplifiHD setup almost weekly to keep my speeds up.

    I have 2 HDs, 1 functioning as a router and one as a RAMP connected to FIOS Gigabit.

    Yesterday, my speeds fell to sub 20 Mbps using, I logged into the router webpage and on the beta page the RAM was up over 80% as was the Processor. The only thing happening at that point on the network was me trying to download an app update on my computer, and we were watching TV on an Apple TV connected via ethernet to the RAMP.

    So I managed to download the support files while it was in this state. Shortly after creating and downloading the support files the speed instantly picked back up to full speed, and the Processing and RAM usage dropped back below 50% and checking it now the CPU is at 20% and Ram at 50.

    I dont know if this info helps in any, but it would be really great if my Amplifi setup didnt need constant rebooting to keep it both functioning and at full speed.

    If someone from UI wants the support file just tell me where to send it.

  • This post is deleted!

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