Extending WiFi network with additional MashPoint

  • Hi,

    I purchased AmpliFi Alien Router, but it seams that I need to extend my home WiFI-network with a MashPoint.

    Browsing the Ubiquiti Store I was nor successful in finding how order just the AmpliFi MashPoint.

    Please anyone advise on how to buy just the AmpliFi MashPoint?


  • Hi @ZorroZZ - AmpliFi does not sell a standalone Alien MeshPoint

    To extend an Alien mesh network you need to purchase additional standalone Alien routers and they can be added to the network as mesh points (wireless or wired with Ethernet)

  • @Derek-Saville, Thanks for providing this information.
    If this realy is the case then I must say that I'm disappointed with Ubiquity. It means that all people like me which realise that they need to extend the network will need to pay dubble the price.

  • I bought the mesh "kit" and an additional router. Had I to do it over again, I would have bought 3 routers. The Router-Mesh combo are hardware fixed, so you can't just buy an additional mesh point. Two routers is not that much of a premium over the mesh kit and when you are already talking about the price differential, It makes more sense to order each individually. I had thought, like you, that you could just add more mesh points later. I should have done more research, but I am really happy with the network results.


  • 1st time posting here. I ordered an Alien mesh kit and a single Alien router. The single one arrived first so I set it up and it worked flawlessly! Took minutes to set up and I was blown away by its performance and signal range. The mesh kit arrived at 9am today so I had to reset the 1st one that arrived and redo the setup.......literally took minutes to do. Tomorrow my electrician is coming to run Cat 6 cable to the standalone mesh point this way every unit will be Ethernet backbone and will hopefully be “future-proof”. Now I’m stuck with 10 Google Wi-Fi routers and 9 Google Nest routers! Had I known about the Alien Wi-Fi 6 routers I would have never bothered with anything Google to begin with. I’m stunned over the fact that these 3 units absolutely outperform the 19 Google crap units in every way possible. I guess you get what you pay for.

  • @S-Pops71 Does this run in bridge mode? Or does it retain the ability to pause individual devices?

  • @erikzweigle link text

    I have mine set up as backbone and I have the ability to pause whatever devices I need paused. I basically have rules set up for my kids ie: school nights and weekends

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