Missing (but connected) device on Alien

  • I've done my firmware update to 3.5.0, and things are going well, but when I use my iOS app to review the list of attached devices, my LG 4K OLED (which is attached to the router by Ethernet, has NO WiFi connection, and no coax connection to the Charter Spectrum internet access point, doesn't how up as a router client. In total, I have 3 LAN devices connected to the router (my 4K Apple TV, my Phillips Hue Hub, and the LG TV. Anyone have any idea how it word work great as a streaming client but not reveal its presence on my iOS AmpliFi App network scan?

    One other question: I have an iPhone 11 Pro as a Wi-Fi client. It supports Wi-Fi 6, but when I do network speed tests of the WiFi download rates with the phone and my laptop at identical distances from my router, the results for the laptop (which connects over 5 GHz 802,11ac) are always higher than for my phone. My DL rate is obviously limited by my ISP's nominal delivery of 400 mbits/sec, but I'm measuring DL rates using OOKLa's app for the laptop and getting 458 mbits/sec, with rates for the phone consistently in the range of 350 mbits/sec.

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