AMPLIFI devices cannot be repaired

  • My device is our of warranty, but unfortunately AMPLIFI do not have any place to which the device could be sent for repair, even if paying.
    Incredible and dissapointing !
    No other chance that thrown away the product ( it was broken during a power cut on the area in which I live)

  • @JoaquinNava Which device was this? I am asking since that could play into my next purchase?

  • @James-Ford As far as I know, this is applicable to all AMPLIFI devices, which means no repair possible after warranty period.
    In any case, my device is: "AmpliFi HD". It works extremely well, until broken because after a power cut...

  • @JoaquinNava do you know if the company repairs in-warranty devices that have problems, or is the only solution during the warranty period a complete replacement?

    That would create additional issues for items sold in pairs such as the Alien and the serial-number bonded mate of a MESH unit with no LED screen and no LAN ports. I wonder whether under those circumstances, if it were the full featured router that failed whether they'd have to replace BOTH units?

  • Sorry, I really do not know if the company repairs in-warranty or if it is a complete replacement. Honestly, the answer provided by their "suppor team" was really poor as they just gave me a link in order to file a RMA, knowing that my device was out of warranty period ( so RMA was rejected)

  • @JoaquinNava
    Just got their confirmation that they do not repair devices. They only replace them during the warranty period ( 1 year buying at resellerts or 2 years from their webstore).
    Important if you buy the device in Europe:
    European regulations clearly stablish a minimum warranty period of 2 years, independently if you bought it from re-sellers or at their webstore.
    This means that the AmpliFi devices sold in Europe do not fulfill European regulations.
    Additionally, in Europe it is mandatory to have a technical assistance service for repairs, something which again they do not fulfill.
    So they should NOT sell their products in Europe.

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