Have to reboot Amplifi every 1-3 days

  • Have had this issue for a few months now. Firmware is up to date. Have anywhere from 50-60 wifi devices connected to the network. Started with just the Amplifi HD setup with 3 remote mesh points. Thought that maybe there was too much on the Amplifi so started to take roles off of it. Current setup is:

    45/5mb ATT Uverse internet
    PFSense router (Protectli with 4gb ram and 256ssd)
    Dell power connect switch (all on one vlan)
    Ubiquiti Amplif HD Router (currently in bridge mode. Firmware is up to date)
    2-3 remote mesh antenna (have tried various configs trying to see if maybe I had too many.

    The mesh antenna all show full bar and are in various parts of the house.

    I've found that various things (wife's computer, my computer etc... are connected but are spinning accessing internet while other devices are working just fine (AppleTV streaming TV etc..) If I access the Amplifi app on my iPhone while connected to wifi the page will come up, but blank. only if I disconnect from wifi and connect over cellular can I remotely connect to Amplifi App and reboot router.

    Once router is rebooted, everything that was not working, and things that were working, are now working perfectly. This will last for 2-3 days and then act up again. I've now resorted to putting a timer between the power brick and the UPS to cycle the Amplifi each day in the middle of the night.

  • I posted something similar to this and received no responses or suggestions. A buddy of mine just bought one and is now experiencing the same thing. Is this another device I'll need to return and try something else? Doe AmpliFi monitor these rooms?

  • 50 to 60 devices? You're using hardware that isn't designed for this. I would suggest business class unifi equipment. These mesh points just aren't what you should be using. Also, different brands of hardware don't play nice together, sadly.

  • I have had Amplifi HD installed since September 2017. I too experience this issue. It is common to have one or two devices (typically an iPad, PS4, iphone or Fire Stick) lose connectivity while other devices on the network do not. It cannot be isolated to a specific device as they all experience it at random times. Once I reboot the amplifi, all connections are restored for 2 days or so. Then it happens again and I have to repeat the Amplifi reboot to resolve.

    Looking for a solution. None found yet.

  • @Glenn-Borowski, @Mike-Schmidt, @Daniel-Kolecki, @Jamie-Hogan Hi all! We're working on this and other issues in beta firmware. I invite you to join and give us some feedback https://community.amplifi.com/post/1101.

  • @ubnt-gunars any update on this? I found this post, rebooted the router and it seems to work. thanks

  • @ty-watanabe Have you tried the latest beta? It should be fixed there.

  • @ubnt-gunars It is not fixed in the latest stable version. This is why I came back to the forums today because my mac and my wife's iPad both are still losing connection. Turn wifi off, turn it back on and everything is good.

  • @mike-schmidt Got it. Can you generate a support file right after these events and send it to gunars.ritins@ubnt.com?

  • @Glenn-Borowski, @Ty-Watanabe, @Jamie-Hogan: Hi all! Wanted to follow up on this issue. Have any of you tried the 2.6.1 beta and are still experiencing the issue? We recently saw something similar in our testing. If you still experience it, we'd appreciate if you could send us support info (please email to gunars.ritins@ubnt.com). Please generate it right after experiencing the problem and before restarting the router.

  • I may be experiencing the same thing. I’ve had a support case open for weeks, with no resolution. I was having no issues with my Amplifi setup until I installed a Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite. So I have cable modem>ERL>Cisco 3750. The amplifi unit is patched into the Cisco switch on an access port on my wireless Vlan. Ever since I’ve done that, wireless clients lose connectivity and the amplify unit shows there is a problem and tells me I’m having dns issues. When the unit is not in bridged mode, I have to reboot the unit to get it working again. I tried placing it in bridged mode and had my windows domain controller hand out dhcp to wireless clients. I would still get the dns issue, but it would seem to eventually resolve without having to reboot. I tried using google dns, open dns, and my ips’s Dns servers, to no avail. Of course, I can’t voew my own logs, so I’m waiting for support to hopefully interpret and provide an answer.

  • @kris-fridge According to support info, you have configured WAN and LAN IP addresses from the same range. This is configuration error. Please select different IP address range or enable bridge mode:

    Amplifi App -> Router icon -> Internet -> Bridge mode

  • @dmitrijs-ivanovs

    I mentioned it with support several times and also in the post I just made, that I have the same issue in bridge mode.I have tried bridge mode several times, and I still get the DNS error. I’d be happy to put it back in bridge mode and generate a new support file, if you think that would be helpful.

  • @kris-fridge Sure, send me support info after running for some time in bridge mode.

  • Hi @glenn-borowski, @mike-schmidt, @jamie-hogan, @ty-watanabe,

    I want the issue to be solved fast and you can help me with that.

    Can you please send me (karlis@ubnt.com) support info file with a short description next time when any device experiences connectivity issues (device is connected to WiFi and no internet is available, other devices are fine). Ideally send me another support info file when situation is resolved either by WiFi reconnect or router reboot.

  • @dmitrijs-ivanovs I pulled new logs after having an issue in bridged mode. Where do I send these logs? I don’t now your email.

  • I'm having the same issue, as well. I've had a support ticket open the last few weeks, after changing numerous settings as well as replacing the unit I'm still having the issue. Issue: While wifi signal is strong, certain devices have slow or no internet connectivity while other devices work perfectly. This can be temporarily resolved by either rebooting the unit and/or rebooting the wifi AP that the affected devices are connected to. This happens in both bridge and non-bridge mode, regardless of channel settings. I'm on the latest non-beta release.

  • @nick-klein I have gathered your old support files you sent in and forwarded them to @Dmitrijs-Ivanovs as well. Could you generate the support files again from your replacement router right after you experience the issue and send them in referencing this thread?

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