Have to reboot Amplifi every 1-3 days

  • @ubnt-brett Will do. A quick update from my end... I haven't experienced the connectivity issue in a few days. The only change I made was switching over all our smart home devices to run off our xfinity router rather than the Amplifi network. This (e.g., number of devices) seems to have been the likely cause of the issue. We have 5 amazon devices, 1 doorbell and 30+ Philips Hue lights running on top of ~15 other regular devices (e.g., computers, printers, phones, gaming systems, etc.).

    After switching the smart home devices over to a different network I haven't experienced the issue on the Amplifi system for a few days. It seems there is a limit on the number of concurrent devices although I haven't seen such limitation published in any of the amplifi device documentation. Can you advise? I wanted to provide this information as it may help your developers replicate the issue on your end.

  • @nick-klein "We have 5 amazon devices, 1 doorbell and 30+ Philips Hue lights running on top of ~15 other regular devices (e.g., computers, printers, phones, gaming systems, etc.)." My hero! 🙂

  • @nick-klein In all seriousness, with the proliferation of IoT devices (light bulbs, electric-outlet switches that are Google Home/Alexa connected, etc., etc.) how many connected devices a router can hold needs to grow. It's my observation that all routers tend to start straining ~50 devices? I am curious to see how AmpliFi responds regarding a specific count.

    Anyway, we need routers that can handle the number of attached devices into the hundred range. I'm running low-to-mid-30s number of connected devices and would love to add gobs of light bulbs and Google Home electric-outlet switches and just can't because I'm afraid I'm going to give my beloved router a hernia. 🙂

  • @nick-klein Actually we did a lot in 2.6.x to improve Wi-Fi stability. Are you on 2.6.1 now? Could you send me latest support info?

  • I'm on 2.6.1, I still need to reboot from time to time to get all the devices working properly again.

    I have 2 x SSID's, one is Amplifi and the other is just a 5ghz I created on an Asus wireless router I have. If the Amplifi is playing up, I change to the Asus SSID and things just start immediately working so I know it's not the rest of my equipment or the client.

  • @cameron-jenkins Can you please send me (karlis@ubnt.com) support info at the moment you are experiencing Wi-Fi stability issues? This will help us a lot to diagnose and fix the issue faster.

  • Experiencing this exact same issue which seems to have gotten worse over recent upgrades. We get about 1-2 hours of runtime with the amplifi system running about 10 devices. Device speed will slow to unusable crawl. Only workaround we've found is to reboot the router which fixes it every time. Crazy to think how only 10 devices could saturate the processing power. Hope someone can identify why this reboot is necessary as it's terribly disruptive and not what I expected with other UBQ products.

  • @buggy-ninja Hi! Can you generate support info when this occurs (before restarting the router) and send it to karlis.keiris@ubnt.com along with the link to this conversation? Good support info will let us find the problem quicker.

  • @ubnt-gunars You know now that i think about it maybe that is my issue and not ComCast. I have no less than 30 IoT devices and also have a Smartthings network in my house and I have also noticed a slow down of my network and have setup to reboot my network every night just to keep things fresh. I also noticed that when there is an update my system becomes unusable. Not sure if that it by design but it is a PITA.

  • @phil-mckenzie Hi Phil! We'd appreciate if you could generate a support file when the system gets slow. Please send it to karlis.keiris@ubnt.com along with a link to your forum comment.

  • @ubnt-gunars Sure will. Is the update thing a common issue. Basically when it comes up with the update screen my system is basically useless.

  • @UBNT-Karlis: have you seen the 'update is freezing the whole system' problem? We should replicate that in our lab.

  • @ubnt-gunars Yes and it happens every time. I look at my phone it has a wifi symbol with a "!" after it. Try to get on to the internet...nothing. Go back the the router and there is an update waiting. Now could it have been something else....sure but the last few updates this is what I have seen

  • Hi @phil-mckenzie, can you please give me more info about the devices you have connected to your AmpliFi setup. I want to replicate your setup in our test lab.

    Support info would help a lot too. If you can, please create support info right when experiencing WiFi slowdowns and another one after network reboot. Please send them to karlis.keiris@ubnt.com.

  • @buggy-ninja We have analyzed support info files received from you. We observe severe disruption in 5 GHz band. Suggestions:

    1. Switch to channel 36

    App -> Router icon -> Wireless -> Advanced

    1. If channel 36 does not help, change bandwidth too - 20 MHz

    App -> Router icon -> Wireless -> Advanced

    Let me know if these steps will help.

  • @jamie-hogan My LG TV is the only thing that seems to lose connection and a reboot of the Amplifi is the only way to get it to connect again. Its not a real "Biggie" but still irritating none the less.

  • @tim-sparling-0 Please collect support info twice and send to us:

    1. When LG TV is connected
    2. When LG TV has lost connection

    E-mail: dima@ubnt.com

  • @dmitrijs-ivanovs I'm now on 2.6.2 and it seems to have gotten worse. As noted in my previous post the issue reduced in frequency when I moved a majority of our smart home devices to another network. However, after the recent updates (and with the smart home devices still on another network) the issue has come back.

  • @nick-klein Is your LG TV a Roku TV? I have this same issue about once a month with my TCL Roku TV. The TV says connected but cannot get anywhere. All other devices work fine. I can reboot the TV, reconnect it, everything but will not get anywhere until I reboot the secondary router that it's connected to. Doesn't happen very often so I haven't reported it. Just curious if it's related to your issue.

  • I'm having this same issue. I have about 24 clients connected between TV's phones, iPad and IOT devices. I'm noticing the same issue where for about 30-60 seconds I'll not have any internet connection on certain devices. Usually me and my wife's iPhone's will have the issues. The whole time I can be streaming video to our tv's which will not lose connection. I've tried everything short of factory restore. Rebooting the router works but the time period in between the issue happening again is a bit random. Sometimes days sometimes hours. I noticed this happen within the last month after having the Amplifi HD installed for about a year.

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