Have to reboot Amplifi every 1-3 days

  • @christopher-tumminello Hi Christopher! Would you be willing to try beta firmware to see if the issue is fixed there?

  • @ubnt-gunars Yes I would. Sorry for the late reply I missed your question.

  • @christopher-tumminello Do you still see this problem with the latest public firmware?

  • @ubnt-gunars Yes it seems to be a little better but I still get random drop outs on devices for 1-10 minutes. The time frame is a bit random.

  • @christopher-tumminello Could you generate a support file when this happens, and send it to gunars.ritins@ubnt.com?

  • Hi, I'm having the same general difficulty— running quite a number of WiFi devices, (30-40 simultaneously). I've been able to wire ethernet out to pull some of the burden away from the Wi-Fi network, however after about a year of Amplifi working great, the last several months have required constant reboots to get everything to work. iPhones stop getting internet, as well as computers; or Alexa will be unable to access random components. Meanwhile, some things still stream video, and other devices still work. I've also noted that pressing "pause" on devices does not actually pause their connection.

  • @UBNT-Gunars any chance the iOS app could support non-Apple Mail to get the support info out of the app? I think I'm having some of the same issues described in this thread, but I'm not sure how to get the info to your team to help diagnose it.

  • @adam-mcelwee Hi Adam! You can also download the support file on the router setup portal. It's at http://amplifi.lan.

  • I’m also experiencing this issue. Ill see awesome speeds for a day or two and then notice that everything is taking forever to buffer. Ill speed test and I’m back to 1mb or less. This is on a 300mbps connection with roughly 15-20 Wifi devices on the network. Any help would be appreciated. The system is becoming unusable and resets are becoming fairly common.

  • I have about 35 WiFi devices connected (33 on the Main unit, 2 to 3 on a remote mesh unit). After a couple hours the "mesh" units stop working. Using firmware 2.6.3 and had to remove them because if a device connects to them, it will get full WiFi signal, but will not be able to communicate with the internet connection. Got tired of rebooting/power cycling them every couple of hours. The main unit will not be able to connect to the mesh unit either when this happens.

  • Running update firmware 2.7.0 for the past few days. Seems to have fixed the issues. 🙂

  • Hi,

    I have one router and 4 mesh points, one of them is a router, configured as a mesh point, some 20 clients connected, mostly apple devices and airplay speakers (Libratone / NAIM). Since 2.6 I have frequent issues connecting to the internet and dropouts, using airplay... Only rebooting the system helps, sometimes even twice a day.

    The router is connected to a speedport hybrid router from the German telekom.

    Tried everything and all types of configurations... To no avail.

    To make a long story short. The issues narrow down to the amplifi hd system and I am about to loose my patience. It seemed all to work fine with firmware 2.4.3, all updates from then on just made everything worse.

    So when will there be a working and stable version of the firmware? Please provide a date in the near future (e.g. tomorrow)... And stop dabbling around. Focus on quality, reliability and stability and nothing else please. With the current firmware aplifi hd resembles completely useless.

  • @johannes-siebzehnrübl have you contacted support? I have four cubes and a teleport, with 42 devices attached, and I’ve had to reboot once since I installed them all a few weeks ago (issues with Mac time machine). It could be that there is something specific to your settings or your setup that they can help you with.

  • Hi Cliff!

    the support suggested to „wait sometime“ for the 2.7.0 version of the firmware. That helped a lot 😉 Guess, that means: „Dump our system and get anotherone... Thanks for buying Ubiquity.“



  • I still have this issue even on the beta firmware 2.7.0 rc4.

  • Just curious: Any chance people having trouble are trying to use as their DNS provider? There have been some issues lately from Cloudflare - it really should be treated as being in "beta" with the stability and issues they've had recently.

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