Slow mesh speeds outside the house... Details in post

  • So I just setup a new meshpoint with a second Alien router. My main router is at the front of the house, on my second floor in my main computer room. The second Alien is setup as a mesh in the rear of my kitchen which is at the back of the house on the first floor. Between my kitchen and the back porch is a panty room and a bathroom, both of which are prior deadzones. In the pantry room and the bathroom, I get decent speeds still (about 300Mbps both ways) but I feel as if the speed should be higher because the test in the pantry is physically less than 5ft from the meshpoint, through a single non-insulated wall.

    Moving to the outside, anywhere in the backyard and even right up against the house (which would keep the test conducted at less than 10ft from the meshpoint still), I am getting around 100Mbps down and 10Mbps up... I feel as if something is not right with the speeds in these scenarios.

    My suspicion is that the testing device is somehow now connecting still to the main access point at the front of the house. This is supported by finding that devices that are close to the meshpoint are still staying connected to the main access point router.

    Is there something I am doing wrong? I would like to see the pantry/bathroom and backyard be able to see much faster speeds and also be able to get devices to use the meshpoint as the AP when near the back of the house.

    I have attached a link to some images. Each image in the album has a description of where the test was and which AP it was done via.

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