Same SSID or Different SSIDs ? (Roaming Issues)

  • Hello,

    I have 2 Amplifi HD routers, and 3 Mesh Points.
    While the connection between all the access points seems great, i am losing network when changing rooms.

    • Should I give the same SSID to all access points ?
      Does it make any difference if each access point has a different SSID ?

    • Should I activate only 2.4Ghz or only 5Ghz on all (but not both) ?

    • Should I activate the additional SSID ?

    My issue is mainly related with roaming - coverage, and bandwidth are ok.

    Thank you

  • @Haissam-HASSAN for roaming the SSID should be the same with the same 2,4Ghz/5Ghz settings. I would leave those on. Depending on the service you are using, roaming can be an issue. I have found that independent of the equipment (I now switched to eero Pro 6,) sessions like VoIP and BlueJeans can get dropped.

  • @Harald-Striepe how do you like the eero compared to amplifi?

  • @krvst8 The Eero Pro 6 is replacing the AmpliFi HD with four Mesh Points. Instead of 5 devices I am using 3. The Eero 3 Pro 6 pack contains 3 full routers. On is wired in centrally in bridge mode, the other are northwest and southwest upstairs to cover the house and grounds - about 250ft in front and back!
    I chose the Eero over Orbi because of its reported stability in noisy environments. I tried the Orbi and it had the same issues as the AmpliFi.
    With the Eero 6 ProI get great coverage and throughput. I would have been fine with AmpliFi, if I did not have the problem of having to reboot all the time in the middle of fading Zoom meeting. FW 1.x and 2,x were "set and forget." V3.x has been nothing but grief. I (and maybe AmpliFi support) spent many hours trying to resolve it. It might run for 1½ days and then a zone would just crawl to 3Mbps or less.

    • AmpliFi
      • Great user interface - love the little display. I really miss that.
      • Probably slight edge in FW features, not sure since I use bridge mode.
      • Cheaper than Eero Pro 6.
    • Eero
      • Plug in and go. Config is a breeze. Updates and everything else happens in the background.
      • Amazing resistance to a noisy environment, which I guess is my challenge.
      • Very high throughput - 3 bands and WiFi 6. I get 900Mbps+ in the office, but still 150Mbs+ in remote parts of the house, and 25 Mbps away at the front gate or pool.
      • No disconnects from difficult IoT devices. I had to set up a special 2.4Ghz SSD for those suckers under Amplifi.
      • Superb support. I was trying to resolve handoff issues and had a full engineer exchanging emails in real time 20 min after filing the ticket. That guy KNEW what he was doing.

    Haven't put the old AmpliFi on eBay yet. Any takers? I was very happy for several years (early adaopter,) but something happened that made it more sensitive. Judging by the forums, I am not alone.

    BTW, I have been a Ubiquiti customer for quite a while. I have the ER-12P router and was considering their access points. But I wanted this to be easy, life is too short. And if StarLink comes in, I might not need a router to load balance two ISPs. Simplicity rules.!

  • @Harald-Striepe incredible response thanks for the detailed info. Might look to switch as well!

  • @krvst8 Do you have the same issues of the throughput just disappearing?

  • @Harald-Striepe on Firmware 3.1.2 which is most stable. I used to have to constantly reboot mesh points. Yes throughput issues on Mac as well. We have a lot of Mac devices. Using in bridge mode, have a synology rt2600ac.