AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.5.1

  • This post is deleted!

  • Even after the this update I'm still getting the same issue as before were I'm not able to connect to my additional 5ghz band.

  • 3.5 was great for me, the best I’ve experienced with Alien.
    Made the mistake up updating to 3.5.1 this morning and I’ve been troubleshooting a couple of my Nest Cams all day 😞

    If I roll back to a backup I made last week when on 3.5, does that roll back the firmware or just device settings?

  • @joejohal Nest Cams are just a headache. Mine work fine with the Alien and firmware 3.5.1 (I have 7), but won't work with my asus axe11000 router.

  • @Mike-P yeah they were all fine prior to 3.5.1 but I have just managed to sort it by turning off Band Steering, which has always been on by default without an issue.

    Might try and turn it back on tomorrow as would like this feature. I only tried turning it off As this release supposedly fixes an issue with band steering!! Looks likes it’s created one for me.

  • @joejohal oh ok. When I went back to using my alien I separate my bands so band steering is not being used for me.

  • This update is no good. I’ve never had issues with disconnecting on my iPhone. After updating, my iPhone constantly disconnects throughout the day. 3.5.0 didn’t give me issues.

    EDIT: It would seem restarting the router after updating has fixed the issue. A bit odd, since I've never had to do that. Nonetheless, issue is no longer present.

  • I have tried 3.5.1 for a few days now and it has the same issue as 3.5.0 and the RC's

    I have even gone to one unit (turned off the second AR node) and factory reset it and my Android TV and all my google smart display/speakers refuse to connect to the 5Ghz-AC SSID (I had an issue with a intel NUC yesterday as well) my TV and google display gives the 'wrong password' error when trying to connect.

    I have sent the above to support.

    Edit: Just flashed back 3.4.3 on and everything connected back fine.

  • Looks like my devices can connect to the Wifi5 radio again, but now my Nanit camera keeps disconnecting on the Wifi6 radio. Works every other release...bleh

  • @Dan-Nguyen-0 My Arlo Q camera had worked perfectly connected to my Alien on the wifi6 5GHz network....until firmware 3.4 or 3.4.1. After that update the camera would drop its wifi connection every day. I came close to getting rid of it until it occurred to me to enable the additional 5GHz network and see if it would connect to that.

    It has worked perfectly on that network so I’ve left the network enabled. Hopefully nothing crops up with the newest version. That camera issue is the only problem I’ve ever encountered since getting the Alien. I have found that software updates on my phones and computer (all Apple) that fix an issue for others that I wasn’t having frequently cause me to subsequently have an issue.

  • @thernus I had the same problem with just one Lenovo laptop since RC6 and it still happens in 3.5.1

  • Has everyone having issue with disconnecting, tried setting manual ssid and disabling band steering, call me crazy I'd you will but in my case I found out that wifi channel 40 on the lower band 5ghz seems to work perfectly for me clients aren't being dropped to 2.4ghz they all seem to stick so I'm guessing that in my case that 40 is the clearest channel with the least interference.

  • Zero problems on my network. 1 main Alien router, 27 devices (wireless ones include Nest cams, thermo, two iPhones, M1 MacBook Air, multiple Dell laptops, Nokia Android, and two HomePod Minis). One SSID between WiFi6 2.4/5 and WiFi5 5. All devices max out my 400Mbit connection on speed tests.

    I know my post doesn't help, I'm just saying it's working perfect for me 😉

  • @thernus I'm in the same boat you are, only right now I'm trying to hold off re-flashing yet again. Most of my 5GHZ devices are talking to the Wifi 6 5GHZ channel, then I still have a few which are connecting to the wifi 5 5GHZ so I'm trying to re-balance things.

  • We have four iPhone 12's in our house and they all keep disconnecting after this 3.5.1 update. I tried resetting network settings on one of the phones and it didn't help. Is there just a problem with this release?

  • @Lawliet-Keffor Does the router not reboot after updating anyway? I'm having the same issue with iPhones disconnecting (which never happened before). I guess I'll reboot right now, but this seems like a dubious fix...

  • @ronbriggs reset iPhone network settings. Kinda helps in my case.

  • @Pavel-Shirokikh I did that and it helped for a bit. But then I moved around the house and got booted again.

  • @ronbriggs exactly the same, even with old iPhones with Wifi 5. Actually I’m loosing the patience, because with every update Alien became dumber and almost unreliable tube with bangs and whistles which just stands to impress friends haha.

  • Just an update to my ever disconnecting Nest Cams (never an issue pre 3.5.1)

    As previously reported Switching off band steering fixed it completely. I’ve since switched band steering back on and it’s be fine.

    May be worth a toggle of band steering as something with this update definitely seems to mess it up.

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