Get this up to par with other mesh offerings

  • If the system is going to be hobbled at least provide some of the base settings or functions that other systems can do.

    This system feels child like, which is a shame given what it's running under the hood, both hardware and software wise.

    • Port forwarding should provide a list of hosts when creating the rule for assignment, instead of requiring you to know, memorize or flip between screens when setting up the rules
    • QoS needs a dedicated configuration and management section, the profiles idea or just picking every single random device to figure out if it is QoSd is so immensely aggravating
    • Some devices inexplicably cannot be QoSd without any seeming reason, and there is no management interface so there's no clear indicator as to what the heck is going on
    • Add USER VISIBLE LOG FILES, what in the seven hells is up with non user visible logs?? On my Orbi I could set up logs to be emailed to me daily, here?? I can't even view any! What?!
    • Open up telnet, the people that actually know what the heck it is have a good reason to use it, everyone else wouldn't bother anyway, it would be a generally non support issue, if your super worried about it add a disclaimer, you access telnet we don't support the result, whatever, open it up!
    • Advanced controls for network features should be a bare minimum these days, things like the ability to disable SIP alg, NAT controls, etc, it's insulting not to have any way to access these items
    • Stop treating consumers like children, just because it is a consumer and not commercial market doesn't mean these things aren't vital, aren't selling points, aren't value add, stop acting like we are all bumbling idiots and give us some control here!

    Thank you!

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