Very critical bug!

  • Like many of you, I used to own Apple AirPort Extreme! The highlight of my experience was how often needed to reboot!

    Except some firmware update by Apple, it didn’t need! I’d say maybe 2 or times in 5+ years using it!

    Fast forward (and damn Apple for getting out of wireless business!), I bought 1 HD and 1 Gamer’s edition (both full kit).

    It must be rebooted once every 30 days or so!


    1. When my ISP goes down!
    2. One or both Mesh start flashing looking for router!
    3. HomeKit devices (like my Philips Hue, Logitech Circle 2 etc) go missing!
    4. When all devices change from 5 to 2.4G!
    5. And, of course some firmware updates with no details what they actually fix.

    OK, I’m done!

    P.S. Reason I posted this was because of Staples’s ad and $100 discount for Apple Airport! It made me smile remembering good old wireless times and a working USB port built-in!

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