Mesh Point Wi-Fi keeps dropping

  • Hello,

    Since I updated to Firmware v3.5.1, I've had issues with the mesh point where the Wi-Fi band continues to drop. When looking at the System info topology, almost all the devices are connect to the main router and not the mesh. I shouldn't have to reboot the mesh router everytime when I'm using the ethernet backbone. This wasn't the case in firmware v3.4.3.

  • I'm having the same problem! my mesh point has been connected via ethernet backbone for almost a year and never had many problems with it until this last update 3.5.1 and now its losing connectivity to the main router ( Alien) and kept needing to be rebooted. I finally got tired of rebooting and disconnected the ethernet backbone and using it wirelessly to see if there is a problem with ethernet backbone with this last update which I suspect there is since I didn't start having problems until this recent update.

  • 3.5.2 just released on Cinco De Mayo...

  • @agir7447 Thanks! I’ve updated and will reconnect my mesh via Ethernet backbone soon to see if this update fixed the problem. I will report back.

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