Having trouble getting device to respond on Amplifi network

  • All.

    I am having issues with a Porsche Mobile Charger Connect device that is on the Amplifi Alien network (Visable) however fails to respond when I attempt to connect to it.

    The device works fine when I set up a mobile hotspot on my phone and connect multiple devices to that hotspot.

    It leads me to believe there must be something blocking the device on the Amplifi Alien Router. Any suggestions on how i could further troubleshoot this compatibility issue?

    It doesnt seem to be a wifi issue as the device connects to the network and is visible and I have also been able to connect it to an alternate WiFi network created with a Netgear access point plugged into to Amplifi alien for the same result.

    My gut feel is the router is blocking it for some reason - thoughts?


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