Moving from Apple Airports to Amplifi

  • Re: AmpliFi vs. Multiple Apple AirPort Extreme base stations

    I have a large home - 6,000 sf+ and even with 3 airport express units and one TimeCapsule, my coverage was good... but not great. Of course I didn't use Apple's router functionality (really?) and had my own PFSense linux router (great product) sitting behind a Comcast Business circuit (50Mbs).

    I didn't want to use my Xfinity network (or wifi) as their gateway could not do NAT or VPN's. Then I purchased 3 HD Amplifi units and Mesh extender, ditched the XFinity gateway and instead use their Arris dumb null modem.

    Put my Amplifi router behind the Xfinity modem and now have 150Mbs wifi around my home. Put 2 other HD units on an Ethernet backbone and the units are great. I've been selling my airports on Ebay (cheap) and will never go back. The only thing I gave up when I killed the Comcast Business circuit was a static IP - so I wish the Amplifi unit could handle a DNS service. I have to leave dDNS running on my iMac all the time. Not a big deal, but I wish the router could do it.

    I've been using Ubiquiti wifi (Unifi) units for almost 10 years. It's a great company with great service, and although their entry into the mesh world is a little late, the product is well designed for what it is asked to do.

    The game changer will be Teleport. I have a son that lives in Germany and loves watching our Xfinity TV. He uses Slingbox, or a VPN relocator to get to DirecTV (another home) or some streaming apps. However, Teleport will be like he is here on our 10.0.#.# network.

    I can't wait for it to get here - and want to thank Amplifi for a great product.

    Goodbye Apple!

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