How to downgrade to 3.4.3?

  • Ever since the updates in March my Wifi devices keep dropping and reconnecting in the house. Makes it very difficult for my daughter who is schooling from home to stay connected to Zoom.


  • I just got off with support, and it appears as if there is NO way to downgrade the software on the units. I was stressing to the CSR that this is a feature that is needed - at least letting customers go back to the official past 2 or 3 revisions. Not having this ability means that Amplifi can put out a bad software release (like I think happened here) and significantly impact the ability of my daughter to actually participate in school.

    Internet is not really a "nice to have" right now - its required for so many things (work, school). I am used to having outages with my cable provider - what I don't need (for the price of the Alien equipment) is software releases that impact my ability to have solid connectivity at home, and NO way to downgrade to the last software release to get back to a known good state.

    I am a very frustrated customer right now.


  • Hi @Mathew-Beall - ask Support for the download link of v3.4.3

    Once you have downloaded the firmware bin file you can manually install the older version, which they should also provide instructions on how to do

    There is manual installation site at [router address}/fwupdate.php

  • @Derek-Saville

    Boy did I try! I kept being told over and over there just wasn't a way to download it.

    Should I try and maybe get a different CSR?


  • Yeah, just tried again - they are adamant that they don't have the link to the 3.4.3 software to share it with me. By any chance does someone have it that can PM it to me?


  • @Mathew-Beall If that is true it is another reason for me to not purchase an Alien. I am running v3.1.2 on my HD and I plan to upgrade to 3.4.4 soon. To prepare for the upgrade I received a link from support for 3.1.2 just in case I have too many problems with 3.4.4 and need to downgrade.

  • Hi @Mathew-Beall - are you using the chat?

    Open a new ticket and attach a Support Info file since they will typically ask for one to review, so save the time upfront...

  • I was using Chat - let me try opening an actual ticket.


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