Adding a VPN device into the alien mesh router’s

  • Please make an update where I can add my own personal VPN device so I can protect all my devices through the alien mesh router and also add an app to your phone where you can use the same VPN for your phone when you are out side of your network because the Teleport app that you guys provide is worthless so I’m hoping to please add in future where I can put my own VPN device to protect my whole entire network because I already have one but the alien mesh router will not allow me to install it other than that your device is fantastic!!!!!!

  • @Carlos-Miranda I can't add anything more to your question than I can to the other intriguing question in today's digest, but here at least I can ask whether what you're asking for is even possible.

    I can understand how one might be able to add a hardware VPN device to encrypt traffic in-and-out of your LAN, but how would that serve to provide software VPN encryption to-from your mobile phone when it's receiving and sending its own traffic over the cell towers and not from your own LAN?

    Thanks a bunch,
    Jim Robertson

  • @jsrnephdoc you’re absolutely right
    About the mobile part I have a Winston VPN hardware well allows me too have VPN encrypted all over my house and I was trying to install it with the alien mesh router it will not allow me to do that so that’s what I was suggesting and not be where I am capable of install it into the alien mesh router😀 thanks for replying best Regards.


  • I would like to see the ability to have VPN capabilities added to the amplifi mesh router. Please let me know how to make that known to the maker of the amplifi mesh router. Thank you

  • @imatrvlr1 that’s a good ideas as well

  • What is stopping you from setting up your own VPN device? AFAIK, as long as you forward the correct ports, then you could add your own PiVPN setup for example using Wireguard and it will work fine. That's actually a setup I ran until I decided I preferred to have the VPN device be the router itself (less physical hardware for me).

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