Newly Installed Alien - Speedtest capped at 300?

  • Just got Amplifi Alien mesh pack. Replacing Google Nest Wifi's

    Comcast is 1200 down / 35 up. I normally would get around 800 on Nest Wifi speed tests

    All speed tests from Amplifi Alien from touch panel cap at 300 basically. Almost as if my ISP is capping it.

    I have my own router, and have rebooted several times. Im going to try plugging in direct with a laptop once my USB C to Gig Ethernet adapter shows up.

    Anything settings wise i should be aware of?


  • @Rae-Williams it seems to use a hand selected and not very intelligent list of test servers which can be quite far away.

    If I am on wifi and use the app to trigger a speed test, I see 326d/20u if I go to and do it myself I get 456d/26u the highest I've ever seen from the built-in test was 349. We pay for a 400/20 service btw.

  • Same here! I have Spectrum 940/35 but yet at the router I only get 500, tops!

    If I speed test using the speedtest app I get around 850 standing next to it. I too need an Ethernet to USB-C adapter to test with.

  • This post is deleted!

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