How long are you waited for RMA replacement

  • My RMA replacement unit in Waiting for shipping status about 21 days. Is it normal?

    RMA Unifi support in email thread just put me some words that I need to wait for email with shipping number without any details and expected time.

    @UI-AmpliFi any assistance to know anything about exact timeline would be great. Thanks.


  • Any answer would be appreciated

  • @Pavel-Shirokikh Please reach out to our support team and they will help to sped up the process.
    AmpliFi Community is more for general questions. Any individual case must be resolved by contacting our support team.
    Thank you for understanding!

  • @UI-AmpliFi Amplifi, even Unifi support official channels are absolutely useless in any non-standard situation which is not indicated in scripts. There are have no chance to get more detailed information. All technical or other answers within two-three days (!) are like a «you should sit and wait», or «ask community» which is not acceptable in terms of customer retention for any company, even for such major brand as Ubiquiti. With every connection with Ubiquiti I disappointed more and more.

    If company know that some of it’s products have major issues which is widely discussed by customers and confirmed by company itself, then company should put all support and retention power to reduce negative brand impact with that problem to keep user satisfaction ratio. Because internet remembers everything. There are a plenty of examples with Volkswagen, Pepsi, etc.

    Are Ubiquiti products generates positive online voice where satisfied customers happy to share your useful or successful experience with others? Or customers just generates totally negative reviews with tons of complaints, minor and major issues and not working stuff. I see only «garbage», «disappointed» and «I’m done with this».

    Ask your marketing team to check customers tone of voice for Ubiquiti brand and product range in social networks and websites. You will be amazed.

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