Amplifi HD keeps disconnecting from cable modem

  • We have an Amplifi HD connected to our Motorola cable modem, which is providing us with internet from Cox. Our Amplifi HD keeps saying the internet connection is going down, even though it's not, it's as solid as a rock. We put an edge router between the modem and the Amplifi HD and put the HD into bridge mode. The edge router shows the internet connection solid as a rock, but the Amplifi HD occasionally says "no internet connection" and needs to be rebooted to get things moving again.

    We have two additional Amplifi HDs wired as ethernet backbone and this issue persists if the other HDs are connected or not, unplugged or not.

    All of the HDs are several years old and have been installed in our new home. We factory reset all the HDs before setting them up on the Cox connection.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • @J-P-Wing Having extactly the same problem, my firmware version 3.4.4. It occurs frequently even within 5minutes/or less. Have no idea what is going on and would love to check with Ubiquity to look around. My modem is connected in Czech Republic, with the 100MB/100MB connection throughput.

  • @J-P-Wing Try replacing the ethernet cable that is connected to the Amplifi HD WAN port.

  • @Mic-Vos Have issued this trouble to Amplifi team, will se what they will do with it. I will keep this stream open before I will receive the solution.

  • Having the same issue here, connected to a 250/25 cable modem. The Amplifi HD continuously says it’s disconnected from the internet and refuses to forward traffic, but the connection is fine.

    What I’ve tried so far:

    • Replace the network cable with a brand new one
    • Factory reset the Amplifi
    • Change the cable modem back to normal mode (was in bridge) and put the Amplifi in bridge mode

    The last step allows me to check the internet via the cable router. It’s working perfectly even though the Amplifi shows a different status. For now - I’ve removed the Amplifi and am back to working on my cable modem’s wifi instead.

  • I've just submitted a request - with logs - to Amplifi support. Let's see what comes out of this.

  • What came of this? I am having the same issue. The modem never goes offline. The AP does.

  • Do we have any resolution of this issue? I have the same issue on regular basis. My cable is rock solid, but Amplifi says there is no IP address from the service provider. Any answer from the support?

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