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  • Hello all,
    I'm wanting to get better coverage in the corners of my house. I currently use a "regular" router and although I do get signal in the corner rooms, it is maybe 40mb/s whereas other areas closer to the router I can get >200mb/s. So, after looking around and absolutely hating the Linksys UI of my current router I kinda fell in love with the look/feel of the web based UI on this. So, I hope this is what I need.


    1. If I plug the router base station in where my cable modem is, do the other devices need wired connections? I'm kind of under the impression they do not, which is desirable since I do not have the house wired for networking.

    2. Can I use a router base station instead of one of the mesh points for other mesh points? And if so, will the four ethernet ports work like a switch? This would be handy for a VoIP office phone which does not have wifi built in

    3. Can I use this system without using the "cloud" features, and just having local only login? I do not fully understand how this works, I've seen some stuff that says yes, but then there may be another piece of hardware I need to buy if that's the case?

    Anyway that's it for now. I'm ready to jump just want to make sure this will do what I need. Right now everything works, I just want better speed in the extremities of my home and don't want to have to run network cables to make it happen.


    • Joe

  • @Joe-Beckman First and foremost, do not buy any of the kits. Buy standalone parts.

    Some info on how big your house is, one or two or more stories would be useful. Also what devices you plan to have on WiFi, and whether they support AC or AX.

    The mesh points do not need a wired connection back to the base router, but your performance when connected to a mesh point would be better with wired connections.

    There is a way to use a third party router as a mesh point but I've no experience with that.

    If you are referring to the HD, no, you don't need cloud features unless you want to use the Teleport features.

  • My house is 2500 sq.ft. About 500 of that is upstairs in a bonus room. I'm not sure how many I'll need. I do have a powerline ethernet thing that I use to get internet upstairs now, and it works for what I need. I do get WiFi signal up there but every time I ran a speed test it was slow (30mb/s or so) compared to rest of house which internet caps at 200mb/s so not sure internally what kind of bandwidth I'm getting max but I know upstairs is capped at 30mb/s is about it so that's why I got the powerline adapter, and a small switch. Mainly up there is a smart TV and an antenna for my HD Homerun (which feeds my plex server with live TV). I can leave it as-is if necessary.

    Devices are computers (desktops, laptops), iPhones and iPads, Televisions w/streaming services, printers, smart home devices (switches, lights, etc.), thermostats, VoIP phones... I'm probably missing some stuff.

    I'm not wanting to use a third party router, I'm referring to using a second AmpliFi HD router as a mesh point since it has CAT5 plugs on it. If I read this correctly, I can use a second HD router as a mesh point and the plugs on it will allow non-wifi devices to connect to the internet? On the mesh-point router it will not be connected to a wired internet connection so all the wired devices plugged into will get network connectivity via WiFi.

    As to the cloud feathers, what is Teleport? Is it something I want? I really want something "stand alone" that I can use with only "in-house" stuff. My Linksys has this cloud login thing and I never use it, but it slows everything down accessing the device management UI. I just want something like the "old days" where I log in through an type interface and everything is there and I can disable external access (because I don't need that).


  • @Joe-Beckman My home is 2,600 sq ft, equal size top and bottom. One HD can cover pretty much the entire house, but the signal does fall off some at the edges if I only had that. I've two wireless mesh points so the coverage is just fine. In your case I'd consider the HD for the first floor, an Instant (or a second HD) set up upstairs off the powerline (connected to one of the LAN ports on the HD on the first floor), and an ethernet switch off the LAN port on the Instant (or HD) for those devices upstairs that can be wired.

  • Does every device need to be plugged into wired to give wifi? For some reason I thought only one of the devices needed to be plugged into the wired network and the other mesh points would connect wirelessly to the main router. Is this not the case? My house isn't wired and it's out of my ability to wire it up.

  • @Matthew-Leeds also, why do you say do not buy the kit? That is all they have at best buy. What is inherently bad about the kit vs. individual parts? Thanks.

  • @Joe-Beckman There has been lots of discussion on this in many threads. The basic issue is that in a kit, the mesh points are 'hard coded' to the router. If the router dies, you can't use the mesh points with any other router. Amplifi can't/won't offer a solution for this. Buying stand-alone parts protects against this. Read this article:

    Given the configuration of your home I'd suggest an HD as the main router, an Instant for the upstairs, and a wired backhaul. As I stated previously, if you need more wired ethernet ports in either location, add an ethernet switch. RE the Instant, read this:

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