Installation of the Teleport System does not complete unless Remote Access is enabled on the router

  • On step 6 of the installation, there is reference that it is "recommended" for Remote Access to be enabled, but seems like this is the only way for me to complete the installation. After multiple installation attempts and system resets, following the instructions, and also improvising, with having the need to toggle between the Teleport and the Router in order to proceed through the installation steps, I reset the system and ensured Remote Access. With this caveat, I was able to complete the installation.

    Also having the need to "Relocate" the Teleport (Step 7) seems rather tedious and leaves a bit of uncertainty that the system is working or not for an initial setup especially if having setup problems initially. Also enabling mobile hotspot (as the only means of a "remote" network) while doing initial setup may not be the best of options.

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