Extend the wifi range

  • Hello,

    I'm using a amplifi hd without meshpoint.

    I would like to extand the range of my wifi (outdoor for homekit integration)

    What is the best choice ?

    • replace amplifi hd with amplifi instant
    • add amplifi hd
    • add mesh point
    • add ubiquity access point ?
    • other ?

    Thanks for your advice

  • Up 🤞

  • When you say outdoor, it might help to define the current location of the HD, and how large an area outdoor you are trying to cover. Backyard only, house centered on 1 acre lot, that sort of thing.

  • Do you have Ethernet backhaul available for this WiFi extension (indoors, outdoors or both)?

    Or does it have to be a wireless link to the additional access point?

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