Upgrade from Amplifi HD to Alien - Need for extra mesh points

  • Hi. I have been using Amplifi HD first gen for a couple of years now. I have the router and 4 mesh points as well as one Amplifi AP. I have a 4,800 2ft house with 2 floors. There are a lot of concrete walls. So signal has always been an issue. And I have Ethernet connections in various spots. So far it have been very happy with the system. But I need to upgrade. It is hard and expensive to replace mesh points and want to upgrade to wifi 6. So I am considering upgrading to Alien 6.

    I just read that Alien won’t integrate naturally with my existing mesh points. So I am worried the Alien router + the extender won’t be enough coverage for the whole home.

    Is Alien still a good option for my needs? If I need extenders, do I have to buy more Alien units?

    Thanks in advance for any advise.

  • HI;

    No, it is not compatible with your existing mesh points.

    You can buy a single unit, then add additional units (vs) the kit. which is what I recommend. You can do mesh via wireless, or Ethernet Backbone (preferred)

    You would have to buy additional Aliens to add to mesh. There is nothing else compatible.

  • @unseenone Hi. Thanks a lot for the response. Understood. I will have to go for the 2 pack then. Thanks again

  • @SAYAGUES Bear in mind the two pack, is not two identical units, one is a bare bones unit, without extra ethernet ports, and does not have a screen. I personally prefer the one with the screen. It will cost a little more, but overall, I like them better.

  • Hi @SAYAGUES - if timing isn't urgent and you already have Ethernet backhaul to the locations you most likely need it, for roughly the same cost as an Alien Kit ($700) or 2 Alien Routers ($760), you could consider switching to a UniFi solution and 3 to 4 AP's

    A UDM (if you are are a fan of integration) is $300 and includes a controller, 802.11ac AP and a switch (no PoE)

    With a Cloud Key G2 ($180) + Switch Lite PoE ($110) you lose the AP, but you can also run your own controller too

    Once the U6 AP range becomes properly available you will have many options to meet your particular needs and more control than what an Alien can provide...

    • UniFi 6 Lite ($100)
    • UniFi 6 Pro ($150)
    • UniFi 6 Long-Range ($180)
    • UniFi 6 Mesh ($200)
    • UniFi 6 In Wall (TBD)
    • UniFi 6 Beacon (TBD) for wireless expansion

  • @SAYAGUES you could add Amplifi P HD to Alien as a standalone mesh point.

  • @Derek-Saville hi Derek. This seems like a good alternative. Thanks lot!

  • @Jabin-Zhao Ok. That may be an option to keep using them. Thanks

  • Hi @SAYAGUES - you can install a standalone HD router in 3rd Party Mode to the Alien (or any WiFi router) as a separate WiFi extender, but it will be managed independently and not be part of the Alien's managed WiFi mesh

  • I upgraded from 9 Google Nest Routers and 10 Google Wi-Fi routers to 1 Alien Mesh Kit and 1 Alien Router. The difference between the 19 Google units and just the 3 Alien units is absolutely amazing! The Alien stuff puts the Google stuff to shame. If I ever encounter a weak signal anywhere adding more Alien routers as a mesh point will be a breeze and alleviate any problems

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